Prefect's Council

Every year, from among final year students, the school appoints 10 – 12 boys and girls in a position of power and authority to uphold school discipline and provide support to Housemaster’s in running of the boarding House. They work under the guidance and supervision of the Headmaster who is their tutor. They do not have punitive powers but use counseling and self-example as ways to inculcate discipline among the students.


The Prefects Council for Academic Year 2014 are:

School Captain Rijul Mittal
Head Girl Lamerphylla Damesha Kharsati
Agni House
Captain : Lukas Rymbai
Vice-Captain: Rakshanda Bhure
Jal House
Captain :     Abhishek Pal
Vice-Captain: Livingstone Dkhar
Prithvi House
Captain: Shreyansh Sharma
Vice-Captain: Anshul Navik
Prithvi House
Captain: Sahibpreet Singh
Vice-Captain: Pisa Medum


News at a Glance

On 17th December at 4:30pm the students of class 9-B went to Selakui Village escoreted .....

Well done SeQuins!!

Our students won 41 Medals in DPSG Athletics Meet 2017.

Akash House Farewell Party-2017


Winners-Senior Boys 
First- Harshit Gupta (Agni House)
Second- Kabir.....

Reached Semifinals in doubles
Udita and Yashika Kaushik (Girls)
Ganesh Tr.....