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Welcome to SelaQui - Best International Boarding School in India

Nestled amidst the idyllic village of SelaQui in Uttarakhand, SelaQui International School is the best boarding school in Dehradun, with an expansive campus of 52-acres. Affiliated with the CBSE board, the school provides an ideal setting for experiential and holistic education. The school's vision statement highlights a commitment to values, excellence and leadership. By being at the forefront of comprehensive practices, it ranks among the top international schools in Uttarakhand. The School boasts of an International student community from over 15 countries and 25 states of India and is among the top boarding schools in Uttarakhand.

SelaQui International School provides opportunities for every student to excel in his/her chosen field. All students are encouraged to set a series of goals for themselves, and they are mapped accordingly. The Goal setting practice and the Harkness table method are unique practices at SelaQui. The curriculum is designed around the Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Character and Citizenship and all activities are oriented towards it. It is a multi-dimensional and student-centric school offering various opportunities and programs, to encourage learning beyond textbooks and closed confinements. Committed to attaining excellence in educating, nurturing and developing, the school aims to serve the nation and the world beyond, by fostering the devlopment of noble and compassionate individuals.

Our school is committed to inspiring young minds to develop their true potential. We provide them with a first-class educational experience within the context of an intellectually exciting and culturally creative community. It is our mission to inspire the students to develop life-long learning within a pastorally nurturing, culturally exciting and intellectually innovative community. SelaQui's unique educational techniques offer the children to acquire the emotional knowledge and interpersonal skills necessary to lead purposeful and successful lives. All the children are encouraged to develop their creative skills and aesthetic sensibilities to appreciate, comprehend and contribute to the world that lies beyond the certainties of everyday life.

As a residential school, SelaQui International School creates an environment in which the students can learn about the numerous ethnicities and values, both in lessons and within the boarding houses. In SelaQui, everyone offers support to everyone within it, be it physical, emotional or academic. We push each student through their boundaries, to learn new skills and develop relationships in an environment that never ceases to care for those within it.

The school's classified and specialist programs enable students to excel in all curricular and extra-curricular activities. It also provides intensive guidance to their students to get selected, fit in and gain acceptance in excellent universities of India and abroad. They are well equipped to inspire students to stand on global platforms, by fostering, nurturing the potential of every student.

CBSE Boarding School for Boys and Girls in Dehradun

The SelaQui International School is an unique co-educational boarding school for boys and girls, with a dynamic environment for strategic mental growth. The diverse environment in the school facilitates innovation and creativity in the approach of each and every student. Various extracurricular activities, clubs, community service, leadership opportunities and cultural excursions give a perfect balance to all the extensive academic work.

Safety in today's time is paramount, and SelaQui International School is proficient in taking all the necessary steps to ensure a secure campus and environment to all the students. The school focuses on imparting an stimulating atmosphere to the kids to build a strong academic foundation along with the development of a kind and empathetic character.

Why SelaQui?

Pollution Free 52 Acres
Lush Green

Exchange Program
For Students

Research Based
Experiential Learning

Air Conditioned
Boarding Houses

Student Teacher
Ratio 6:1

Excellent College Placements for Graduating Batch

Wi-Fi, Smart Classrooms,
Monitored and Secure

Career Information
and Guidance

Golf Course, Horse
Riding and Shooting

Qualified Resident Medical Team

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