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About us - Top Boarding, Residential School in Dehradun

About SelaQui

Located about 20 kms from Dehradun, SelaQui International School is the best CBSE residential school in Uttarakhand. It is open to boys and girls from class V onwards irrespective of their religion, caste and ethnicity. Founded in the year 2000, the school believes in nurturing every child for their overall development and views excellence, versatility and leadership as its core values. Mr Om Pathak, who is an ex-Indian Administrative Service officer and a leading educationist of the country, helped in every aspect in shaping up the school’s vision to impart excellent education. SelaQui International School is among the top boarding schools, boasting of the best sports facilities in Dehradun. The Arjuna (sports) programmes at SelaQui are unique across various boarding schools in India.

CBSE Affiliated Schools in Dehradun

Among all the CBSE affiliated boarding schools in Uttarakhand, the learning processes at SelaQui are most distinctive. The holistic methods of teachings aim at making the students self-directed and lifelong learners and SelaQui International School as the best CBSE boarding school in Dehradun. The school encourages all its students to excel academically and to grow up into responsible citizens with a strong sense of right and wrong. The school aims at layering a strong foundation of social and moral values while mastering the complexities of modernity.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) established in the year 1929, enjoys today the distinction of being one of the oldest and largest Board of Secondary Education in India. The CBSE affiliated schools follow a uniform curriculum with a flexible scheme of studies suitable to the needs of each and every student. The Board is committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among its learners. It works toward evolving a learning process and environment, which empowers the future citizens to become a global leader in the emerging knowledge society.

Co-Ed Boarding School

SelaQui International school is the leading co-ed boarding school in Dehradun, which offers high-quality academics and competitive excellence in sports. The school’s curriculum believes in crafting outstanding humans in addition to their holistic development. Aiming to build a robust and dynamic community of students, faculty and staff, the school promotes scientific temper, inquisitive behaviour, experimentation and innovation in their approach. Ranked among the best CBSE residential schools in Dehradun, it is open to boys and girls from class 5 onward, irrespective of their backgrounds. The international boarding school is ranked among the top residential schools in North India for producing best board results in co-ed boarding school category. Students’ involvement in decision making is at the core of the school’s education, and the institution believes in nurturing a student community that is committed to strong nation-building.

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