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Bonjour SeQuins!

No, It’s no sayonara as yet!

Regardless of whether you have graduated from the School, you will continue to shine like a SeQuin forever in our hearts. SelaQui International School thoroughly values its community and its relationship with them. To strengthen the existing threads and weave many a new, there is an Alumni Relations Office at SelaQui International School which is devoted to this cause. The Alumni Relations office’s (ARO) objective is to foster connections within the Alumni community, to make them feel engaged with their alma mater and turn them into contributors to the extent of their ability through both their time and personal resources.

Alumni Relations Office regularly organizes Annual Alumni Meets and also Regional Meets in different cities across India. An Alumni lunch is hosted by the Headmaster during the Founder’s Day celebrations and another very popular annual feature is the cricket match between the School Team and Old SeQuins. Such events provide an opportunity to catch-up with old-buddies and narrate ‘stories’. It is also about taking a trip down the memory lane together and re-live the moments of joy of playing sports together and innocent laughter you shared with your friends here at SelaQui.

Alumni Relations Office communicates regularly with the Alumni community through Newsletters, Social Media platforms and other resources. The idea is to keep the community well-connected and well informed about the school’s development and achievements. We aim to ensure that SelaQui Alum, both in India and overseas, remain connected with their alma mater and with the friends they made here for life.

Please leave your contact details with the ARO on:

Email: alumni@selaqui.org

Phone: 0135-3051201