18,500 Board Students Seek Paper Revaluation: Says Reports

This year, more state board examinees are apparently upset with their scores and are looking to rectify their marks than their counterparts last year. But these students have little hope to get into better colleges with revised marks, given the fact that the state board has been running behind time in providing them with answersheet photocopies.

Within a week of the HSC results being announced on May 30, the state board received 7,000 applications from candidates in the Mumbai division, seeking copies of their answersheets so that they could go in for revaluation. At the end of the deadline -three weeks after the result -the figure shot up to 14,000. Officials said the number of students looking for revaluation has gone up drastically than last year, when 2,500-odd had asked for copies of their answersheets.

The scene is similar with Class X board students, 4,500 of whom have applied for the copies of their papers this year. the figure is much higher than that last year.

Close to 200 Class X and XII students have already been told the board had not calculated their scores correctly. and so, the marks have gone up.

“A very small number of students found errors in their totals and we are rectifying it. Teachers might have made those mistakes,” said Laxmikant Pande, chairman of the Mumbai division of the board. , adding that the board had to hire extra people to tackle the rush of applications it received for photocopies of candidates’ answer sheets.

“In HSC, the subjects that witnessed most applications for answersheet copies are physics, chemistry, maths and biology. Their syllabi were revised last academic year,” added Pande.

Since last year, the state board has introduced a policy under which students are allowed to request for the photocopy of their answersheets. Candidates upset with their marks can get the copies evaluated by their teachers and then apply for revaluation. But many have been complaining about the amount of time the board has been taking to merely give them the copies. But officials blamed the delay on the rush of applications. “My daughter applied for a copy almost six weeks ago, but we are yet to receive it. When do we go for revaluation? Most colleges have already started classes,” No college will entertain us if we try to shift to a better one with the revised marks,”said the father of an HSC student. Some students found the board had not added their marks properly or not included their internals or practical scores. “First, the board gave us a copy of my son’s chemistry paper after three weeks of application. Then, to make the matter worse, we were told that the board had forgotten to add his marks from the practical exams,” said P Iyer (name changed) mother of an HSC student whose total increased from 81.6% to 87% after the rectification.

 The board has, so far, revised the marksheets of 238 students (200 totalling errors and 36 after revaluation), the figures are likely to go up at the end of the process.

 “Students are still applying for revaluation and we are in the process of giving out photocopies of answer sheets. The huge number of applications is the reason behind this delay but we will try and speed up,” added Pande.

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