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Marking the End of an Era

The ideal majestic Hogwart’s campus, the weather dancing to the tune of everyone’s emotions – from a sunny and bright start to a dark, windy and somewhat gloomy end as we came to terms with the fact that 61 of our brightest and oldest will be leaving us soon enough to ‘sail in the choppy waters of the world outside’. With teachers and students dressed as caped crusaders, to wage their Holy War upon the leviathan, that is the CBSE, Graduation Day 2018 was a blast!

The session kicked off with Mr. Mahesh Bhupathi – the Chief Guest, playing a few knocks with the school tennis team, along with golf maestro, Amandeep Johl and the Chairman, Mr. Om Pathak and his family gracing the occasion. This was followed by a photography session at the Vishwanangana with Mr. Mahesh Bhupathi, Mr. Om Pathak and Headmaster Rashid Sharfuddin with the graduating batch of 2017-18, around which point the sky began to thunder. The perfect play of light and dark, pride and sorrow was a moment of perfection captured and made immortal by the lens.

After the photographs, the horde moved towards the school amphitheater for a performing arts presentation by the school choir and dancers. The audience witnessed a trip down memory lane with the Headmaster addressing the gathering about the graduating class 12th, the irony wasn’t lost on us with him talking about perseverance while it poured! Humor aside, it was quite an inspirational address leaving the audience awestruck and nostalgic.

Follow-ups were given by the outgoing School Captain, Shivaansh Singh and the current captain, Kabir Kapur, both uniting on the grounds of true leadership while Mr. Bhupathi kept it short, sweet and straight to the point as he wished everyone luck for their lives ahead.

The Headmaster’s Awards for the academic year 2017-18 were given out after which the choir struck a chord with the audience and made everyone’s hearts swell with emotions when they performed the Scottish tune, Auld Lang Syne – (literal translation) Times Long Past – for the ‘twelfthees’ as they received their graduating ties. The staff, students and parents then headed for lunch after which quite a few SeQuins went out for a parent’s outing. And so the day came to an end leaving us with one undeniable fact, the campus would be all the less for it with many a remarkable individual leaving, to make a life outside the lush and green 52 Acres we call ‘Home‘.

– Kartikeya Puri

The Qui Coronation

SelaQui International School in Dehradun, one of the best CBSE boarding school in India, takes great pride in inculcating values of leadership to the many boys and girls (the SeQuins) who call it their home away from home.  The mission statement of SelaQui International School, counted among the top 10 boarding schools in India, identifies ‘Leadership’ as a key character trait to develop and imbibe in young men and women.

So, when the Investiture Ceremony rolls around every year and the new appointments for an academic year are decided, it is an occasion to celebrate the values of Leadership and Excellence.

Sweaty palms, parched lips, shivers down the spine. Now merge it all into one and you get what the SeQuins feel each time. And coincidentally enough, these were the reactions the audience experienced as the batch of 2017-2018 was crowned in the fields of leadership, excellence and meritorious conduct on the 1st of February, 2018 in the amphitheater.

The investiture ceremony began at 11:30 am and had everyone sitting with their fingers crossed. Speculations as to who’ll assume the mantle of leadership in which department had begun months, prior to the landmark event. While some declarations came as a surprise to most, other positions were somewhat expected. Nonetheless, both were welcomed with huge rounds of applause as the new group of appointees marched up the stage to receive their badges or captaincy.

Elaborating on the school policy, the Headmaster talked about pride, honor, duty and the responsibilities that come along with being a leader, a role model. Being able to guide the masses, compassion, empathy and integrity are marked characteristics integral to a sound leader. The opportunity given to this present group of students is definitely a ‘once in a lifetime’ thing – something that will be cherished for years to come. We sure hope, we don’t disappoint.

On Friday, the prefectorial dinner was held. The outgoing batch of prefects, new appointees, HOD’s and Housemasters were seen engaging in conversations and sharing light moments with one another.

NEW APPOINTMENTS: Kabir Kapur (School Captain)   
Kishika Arora (Head Girl)
Gursher Sandhu  (Sports Captain)
Kartikeya Puri (Activities Captain)

Prithvi House: Akash Kundu, Sulaiman Khan and Pragyan Rajkowa
Agni House: Raghunandan Ahuja, Srotriyo Sengupta and Krishna Tripathi
Jal House: Shubham Kaushik, Aman Deepak Agarwal and Bharat Tokas
Akash House: Mirza Mohammad Beg, Sahil Bakshi and Abhinav Shaurya
Girls’ House: Antima Modak and Varnika Bajaj

-Antima Modak