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Facilities to look up in top co-ed boarding schools in India

co-ed boarding schools in India

It can be a tough decision to send your child to a boarding school. But undoubtedly boarding schools have a profound impact on a child’s career and life over the long term. By studying in a boarding school, children essentially learn to be disciplined and focused in their life. They learn to take responsibility and they can focus on academics away from the home environment. A boarding school places stress on the child’s all-round development. He is taught to be a good team player and be prepared to face life’s challenges. Boarding school students becomes self-reliant early in life and they come out as better individuals who are able to adapt to all kinds of situations.

As a parent you will obviously want the best possible environment and resources to be provided to your child in a boarding school. If you are considering sending your child to a co-ed boarding school, you must be aware of the facilities that the school provides for the all-round development of your child.

Read on to find out some of the must-have facilities in top co-ed boarding schools in India:
1. The school must provide modern boarding facilities to every child to be able to develop to their fullest. Wide range of facilities such as a place for group study, a computer learning classroom, recreational reading facilities among students with a variety of popular books, magazines and newspapers etc should be available to the students.

2. A co-ed boarding school must have smart classes equipped with the latest teaching technology to enhance the level of knowledge and facilitate the syllabi. Smart classrooms include features such as demonstration of audio/video or support for teaching staff during classes. Intelligent classrooms offer a seamless integration of technology with the academic curriculum resulting in improved understanding.

3. A co-ed boarding school should also have a learning support service to provide students necessary aid to meet the requirements of curriculum and evaluation. Individual support should also be provided in terms of both boarding and accommodation facilities.

4. The school should have co-curricular activities for overall development of the child. Indoor activities such as art, painting, dancing; outdoor activities such as rock climbing, horse riding and exercises such as yoga, meditation, taekwondo, karate practice and student training sessions should form a part of the curriculum.

5. In a top co-ed boarding school, sports education facilities and extensive physical education programs are provided by the school. Students should take part in various sport games such as badminton, volleyball, basketball and cricket for enhancement of overall well-being of students.

6. A mini auditorium should also be available to facilitate inter- house literary activities and indoor competitions held in school.

In a co-ed boarding school both boys and girls study simultaneously. The benefits of studying in a co-ed boarding school are manifold as it creates a sense of belonging, command and sense of responsibility among both sexes. Learning together in the same environment increases the sense of competition among students.Togetherness gives boys and girls a sense of mutual understanding and respect for one another. Without hesitation, they can interact freely with each other and discuss daily issues.

A wide range of fine academic and extra-curricular facilities found in top co-ed boarding schools facilitate the school to provide the very best to its students.

Points to consider before choosing best boarding schools in India

best boarding schools in India

It seems that no matter how much you prepare or do research for best boarding schools in India, it is not enough. There are always some doubts in parents’ mind about choosing a desired school for their ward. It is the most important decision as a parent to find the right school for your child. While considering a school, parents must ensure that the school not only places emphasis on academics, but also places particular emphasis on students’ overall growth and development.

In order to choose the right boarding school, parents must consider some basic elements. The school should not only provide quality education butit should also focus on improving student’s personality, inculcating discipline to create the independent and mature citizens of tomorrow who can effectively contribute to society. A good boarding school will encourage students to think and share their concerns and observations and help them actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

When it comes to choosing the best boarding schools in India, the list is huge. However, you can consider the following points before selecting a boarding school for your child:

1. Curriculum: The curriculum of the school plays an important role in your child’s development. Knowing which board the school is affiliated with and whether it offers a well – rounded education system for the holistic growth of students is always important.

2. Faculty: The school faculty is very important in finding the right boarding school for the child. You can research and find out the details about faculty. It is very crucial that the school should have quality faculty as faculties often live inside the campus and act as mentors for the students. Good faculties have a massive impact on the quality of a student’s education. So, cross-checking the faculty’s education and experience is important.

3. Extra-curricular activities: In order to grow and develop as a child it is very important that extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, sports, photography, creative arts etc. becomes a major part of school activities. A good boarding school provides such dedicated facilities at all times and encourages a student to be involved.

4. Mission of the school: The mission of the school can help you decide if what the school offers lines up with your educational goals. A school’s mission must be academically focused and high on ethos and philosophy. Plan a meeting with the school principal and teachers to understand what they could offer for overall growth and development of your child.

5. Infrastructure: Consider the school’s size at all times. Find out what kind of facilities are available on campus and do they organize activities to expose children to the surrounding environment? What kinds of dormitories are there, how far the medical center or other emergency services are located and so on. Pay a visit to the campus to get a better understanding of the infrastructure.

It is most important that a child develops interest to the foreign living environment. Therefore, as a parent you must always discuss the new experiences that a child is going to experience in a boarding school. You should encourage your child in building his expectations and tell him that you are always there for him. Involve your child in the whole process and consider his interests, likes and dislikes.A child blends in an atmosphere more effortlessly when he get to do activities that interest him.

How to find best CBSE schools in Dehradun for your kids

best CBSE schools in Dehradun

Dehradun is located in the Doon Valley on the Himalayan foothills, nestled between the Ganges River in the East and the Yamuna River in the West. The city is renowned for its picturesque landscape and milder climate, providing a gateway to the surrounding area. It is well connected and close to tourist destinations in the Himalayas such as Mussoorie and Auli and the hotowns of Haridwar and Rishikesh along with the Chota Char Dham Himalayan pilgrimage circuit.

Dehradun has several good quality educational institutions including CBSE, Private, Government and ICSE schools which make Dehradun an attractive destination for education. There are over 300 high schools in the city. The city boasts of quite a number of schools affiliated with the Secondary Education Central Board (CBSE). Exclusive girls and boys schools as well as co – educational schools are available, some of which are residential. These schools have been attended by several Indian and international stalwarts.

Dehradun is the top destination for CBSE schools
Choosing the right school for their ward is a very crucial decision for parents. Many factors are taken into account when parents search for the best school. From the geographical location of a school to its reputable faculty, parents weigh all the pros and cons before finally selecting their child’s best school. If you have more affinity towards the CBSE board, you must be confused about finding the best CBSE schools in Dehradun. So how do you know the CBSE School that you have narrowed down upon is the best of the lot? Will it nurture the talents and abilities of your child and provide them with an enriching learning experience?

Following are some of the criteria for choosing the right CBSE school for your child:

1. The school has a good reputation for academics: In any good school, it is a given factor that it will have a good reputation for academics. The school’s academic track record and the awards it has received for excellence is a key factor in deciding whether a school is the city’s best CBSE school. The school also follows the syllabus of CBSE strictly.

2. The school believes in both theoretical and practical experience: A top CBSE school will not only focus on the academics but it will also make sure that students are involved in extracurricular activities.Extracurricular activities and field trips are essential for a student’s development, and both opportunities must be provided by the school.

3. Offers state-of-the-art facilities: The school’s infrastructure plays a very important role in developing the different skills of a child. A good school aims to provide its students with the best facilities to enable a rich learning environment.

4. Does not leave a hole in your pocket: Instead of just making a profit, a good CBSE school focuses on the child’s education and over all development. While education is costly, as a parent, you have to decide whether to get the value for money.

5. Offers avenues for overall development: A good school will encourage extracurricular activities and competitions and will invest time and expenses in the overall development of its students.

When in school, a child should enjoy the process of learning at the same time ethics and culture should also be a part of the curriculum.A school that fits your child well will help them to become a happy, confident, and successful person. So, don’t go for a top brand alone. Instead, focus on the right school based on the abilities and aptitude of your child.