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A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Parents to Understand the Cambridge Board

A Comprehensive Guide for Students and Parents to Understand the Cambridge Board

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED March 22, 2023, UPDATED March 22, 2023

CAIE, which stands for Cambridge Assessment International Education, is one of the most reputable organizations in the world regarding the provision of international certifications and examinations. In addition, students can participate in various Cambridge board’s educational programs, ranging from primary to upper secondary education, through special programs offered by some reputable institutes in India.

This in-depth overview will explore the Cambridge Board in India, its programs, and the methodology behind its operations. In addition, we will investigate the benefits of opting for Cambridge board over other types of boards.

A brief introduction to Cambridge Board

Cambridge board provide international qualifications that are acknowledged all around the world by universities, companies, and governments. The qualifications are intended to assist students in the development of skills that are crucial to their success in further education as well as in future professions.

The Cambridge board provide educational programs ranging from primary school to higher secondary education; these programs are recognized in a significant number of nations throughout the world. The following are some of the Cambridge programs that are available in India:

Cambridge Primary

Students ages 5 to 11 are encouraged to participate in the Cambridge Primary program. It provides a curriculum that emphasizes the development of one's abilities in English, mathematics, and science. In addition to these core courses, the curriculum covers topics such as computer science, music, physical education, and art & design.

Cambridge Lower Secondary

Students between 11 and 14 are encouraged to enrol in the Cambridge Lower Secondary program. It expands on the abilities acquired in the Cambridge Primary curriculum. In addition, it presents additional topics like the humanities, social sciences, and modern foreign languages.

Cambridge Upper Secondary

Students between 14 and 16 are encouraged to enrol in the Cambridge Upper Secondary program. Both the Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and the Cambridge O Level are available to students through this institution. Both programs are recognized worldwide.

Cambridge Advanced

Students between 16 and 19 are encouraged to enrol in the Cambridge Advanced program. Through this, one can earn both the Cambridge International AS Level and the Cambridge International A Level.

The AS Level qualification can be achieved by completing a program that lasts one year and is equivalent to the first half of an A Level. The A Level qualification curriculum lasts two years and is comparable to the A Level offered in the UK. These credentials are considered highly by institutions and employers worldwide because of their widespread recognition.

Benefits of Cambridge Board

International recognition

Qualifications awarded by Cambridge are well respected since they are acknowledged by educational institutions and businesses worldwide. In addition, students who have earned Cambridge qualifications can continue their studies at a higher level in a variety of locations throughout the world.

Focus on skills

Developing vital abilities such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills are the primary focuses of Cambridge's academic programs. These are the kinds of abilities that are highly prized by universities and businesses all across the world.


Students in Cambridge programs have a variety of subject options from which to choose for their academic pursuits. Thus, students can modify their education to better align with their passions and skills.

Trustworthy evaluation

The Cambridge evaluation methods are created to be objective, comprehensive, and trustworthy. The evaluations are scored by knowledgeable examiners using criteria derived from internationally recognized standards.

Updated faculty

Teachers at Cambridge board are provided with opportunities for ongoing professional development as part of the school's commitment to ensuring they have the information and expertise necessary to provide a high-quality education to their pupils.

Preparation for further study

The Cambridge credentials are intended to equip students with the skills necessary to succeed in further education. Therefore, the development of fundamental skills that are necessary for academic achievement in higher education is the primary focus of the programs.

Why are parents choosing to enrol their children in Cambridge board?

Cambridge board in India provide students with the opportunity to earn internationally recognized qualifications that are acknowledged by universities, employers, and governments all around the world. Developing essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication abilities is the primary objective of the programs made available by Cambridge board. The decision to use Cambridge board comes with several benefits, some of which include preparation for further education, flexibility, high-quality assessment, and international recognition.

Why opt for Cambridge Board at SelaQui

The Cambridge Pathway curriculum offered at SelaQui helps students develop the skills necessary for success in school, university, and the workforce. It also provides students with a clear path to educational accomplishment.

The educators at SelaQui implement a curriculum that centres on fostering these characteristics in their students. The entirety of the process of guided inquiry, which our students and teachers have been at the forefront of for the past two years, will lead to a seamless transition into the auspices of the CAIE.

Using a blended learning paradigm, in conjunction with the transactional dynamism present in both our educators and learners, will make it possible for the learners to integrate new information more quickly. Our educators have received training in the appropriate Cambridge courses to facilitate the implementation of the Lower Secondary and IGCSE Curricula.

A microcosm of the global diaspora can be seen in our educators as well, as their experience and education span not only the Americas and Europe but also elite institutions such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), St. Stephen's University, Delhi University, and Aligarh Muslim University, amongst others.

What SelaQui offers

The Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum at SelaQui helps students enhance their skills in ten subjects, including English, Mathematics, and Science. Our students have an excellent foundation for the next stage of their education because the curriculum lays out specific learning objectives and emphasizes acquiring knowledge and abilities in all subject areas. Students are motivated to gain broad topic knowledge and transferable skills through the Cambridge IGCSE program. Students have access to 70 disciplines, which can be combined in any way they see fit, including 30 languages. Students who have earned at least one IGCSE Certification are seen favourably by most international universities.

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