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Benefits of switching to a boarding school

Benefits of switching to a boarding school

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED November 30, 2023, UPDATED November 30, 2023

The experience that a boarding school offers students is unlike any other. It provides a friendly and secure environment to students to make them feel at home away from home. Students can immerse themselves in a supportive and diverse community to become successful in whatever field they have chosen. In a boarding school setup, individuals can learn, play and socialise among their peers, which helps them become great communicators. Boarding schools also provide various team activities which foster collaboration in them. 

Located in the beautiful city of Dehradun, SelaQui International is one such boarding school that offers a progressive learning environment. At our school, your child will develop life skills and excel academically while learning diverse cultures. 

At our school, every student is encouraged to set a goal for himself/herself. The school provides a co-educational setup and follows a Central Board of Secondary Education as well as Cambridge International curriculum. 

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Finding a suitable school for your child

A suitable boarding school will ensure your children have a great learning experience. Check the curriculum offered by the school. With that, it is crucial to search for a school that sheds light on co-scholastic activities, including sports. 

SelaQui International School’s teaching methods are multi-dimensional and student-centric, allowing them to participate in different programs that go beyond textbook study. By nurturing the development of passionate and noble individuals, this school commits to serving the nation and the world. SelaQui International School is proud to provide education of the highest quality to students within the context of a culturally creative and intellectually exciting community. Students can learn about different ethnicities as students come from different parts of the world with varying backgrounds, religions and cultures. 

School visits and surveys

As per surveys by leading ranking organisations, SelaQui International School is acknowledged as the No. 1 Boarding School of Uttarakhand and the No. 2 Co-Ed Boarding School of the country. 

SelaQui International School welcomes parents to visit their children as we understand the value a family may add to an individual’s personality development. However, such visits are regulated to cause the least distraction to teachers and students in their everyday routines. The visits to SelaQui International School maintain uniformity, thus making sure that every student is treated equally. 

SelaQui International School is regarded as one of the top boarding schools in India as we focus on enriching the intellectual, emotional, social and physical abilities of both boys and girls. Students who pass out from this school with flying colours often share positive experiences they had there. 

Interaction with staff and faculty

SelaQui International School provides boarding facilities to young boys and girls from classes V to XII. The school is among the top boarding schools in India, offering the best sports facilities. The staff and faculty of SelaQui make sure children receive a first-class educational experience. Furthermore, the faculty provides holistic methods of teaching so that students walk in the path of self-direction and become lifelong learners. The staff and educators of this school are supportive and friendly and they will guide students in every way possible so that they become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Parents can also reach out to the boarding authorities of the school when they are required to. Not to mention, the staff and faculty provide a student-centric approach so that every student gets the required attention. 

Application Submission

The CBSE-affiliated SelaQui International School gives admissions to students from classes V to IX & XI. To get enrolled in this boarding school of Uttarakhand, parents need to register their children for the entrance test and pay the registration fee. Parents can make the payment using any of the following ways:

  • 1. Online transfer
  • 2. Demand draft

For the entrance test, parents need to call the Admissions office to confirm the date of the test. If a student is residing outside India, parents can request an online written test. Admission to SelaQui International School is accepted when a student passes the entrance test, along with the previous year’s results and a personal interview with the headmaster. 


Switching to a boarding school helps students develop a unique personality which nurtures self-discipline and a strong identity. Many parents find it the most suitable solution to get their children a quality education. India is thriving with numerous well-known boarding schools. Providing education for international standards, SelaQui International School is one such boarding school that gives students a wholesome educational experience. The staff and faculty of our school are supportive and allow children to unlock their full potential through special programs and events that the school offers, beyond academics.

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