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5 Intelligent Teaching Methods SelaQui Follows for Weak Students

5 Intelligent Teaching Methods SelaQui Follows for Weak Students

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED January 29, 2021, UPDATED March 24, 2023

Not every student is as intelligent and smart as the other and takes different number of capabilities to adapt to the learning environment and teaching patterns. It’s imperative to understand that every individual is unique with different IQ levels. Therefore, one needs to have a system and teaching staff where active and weak students can cordially coexist and can find their strengths, even in educational disparity.

Teachers and professors are supposed to take care of each and every student as per their specific needs. At SelaQui International School, the best boarding school in Dehradun, we understand that weak students or slow learners require extra attention. We find ways and solutions to enhance their skills, academic understanding and confidence at the same time.

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The various methods that we follow for our weak students are:

  • Proper Analysis: The school and teachers do a proper analysis of every student’s strength and weaknesses and then form a structured way of guiding them accordingly. We all give great emphasis on understanding the core problem. This makes it easy for us to follow a regime and pattern to improve the understanding and confidence of the student without hampering their existing strengths.
  • Individual Attention: Many times, it has been observed that a student becomes weak in a subject, as he/she fails to understand the basic concepts or previous lessons. Individual attention helps a great deal in this regard.
  • Encouragement: Scolding and harsh punishment may discourage a weak child. Therefore, our experienced teachers and experts find the vulnerable students’ strength and utter encouraging words for him/her. This way they feel important and encouraged.
  • Workable Timetable: Many schools and institutions make unrealistic timetables for students which creates more pressure on students rather than reducing it. SelaQui’s mentors sits with the students and make a workable timetable for them, keeping their needs and requirements in mind.
  • Revision: Forgetful/weak students need extra care to recall the chapters in order to maintain their confidence. Therefore, repeated revisions of the chapters, answering questions on the same topic over and over again solve the problem. Various levels of mock tests also help.

SelaQui International School is one of the best boarding school in Dehradun, providing every facility and amenity to its students, within the modern and efficient parameters. It is the best residential boarding school in Uttarakhand with the curriculum designed around 6 C’s – Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Character and Citizenship. The school have all the means to help children in critical thinking and enhance their knowledge. The faculty is highly skilled and experienced with the most innovative and experiential method of teaching. Visit their website to know their admission process and other details.

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