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Best boarding schools in India for 11th and 12th – Criteria to Select the Best

Best boarding schools in India for 11th and 12th – Criteria to Select the Best

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED July 16, 2021, UPDATED January 18, 2023

The decision to send your child to a boarding school is not an easy decision to make for a parent. The move entails the child to move away from the family and set up a second home in a new environment. If the mental preparedness is not there the child could end up homesick and depressed and the parents with an empty nest syndrome. It is best to make careful preparation while choosing a boarding school for your matriculate child.

Criteria to select the best boarding school

The 11th and 12th standards are the most important years in school life. The child is entering the crucial pre-college years that can decide the course of higher education and her entire career. There are some tips to choose the best boarding school for your child.

  • Check the results of the past years to see how the school fares in the all-important higher secondary exams. Residential schools like SelaQui International have broken the glass ceiling with the CBSE results with students scoring up to 97%. While average marks are over 86%. The myth that residential schools are not as good in scores remains shattered. The school’s ranking and review by alumnus and peers is also an indication of the suitability of the institution.
  • Next step is to choose the subject combinations offered by the school. All three streams of humanities, Science and Commerce should be well represented.
  • The student to teacher ratio and the quality of the teaching staff as well as the administrative staff is an important consideration. After all these will be the people who will be your child’s mentors and caretakers during a critical period in their life.
  • The school should be situated in a verdant and serene locale that is conducive to the physical and emotional well-being of the child. You should try and visit the school to understand whether it will suit your child’s needs and aspirations. A good sporting facility, library and cafeteria are important.
  • You and your child should have a wish list of what you want from a school. Academic excellence is important, but sports, extra-curricular activities, exposure to international trends are also important. Some schools like SelaQui International have an excellent track record of preparing their students for life after school. They have a grooming system called ‘Gurukul” which helps prepare students for Joint entrances for IIT’s, medical and engineering careers.
  • It is important that you ascertain that the infrastructure of the school is up to the mark. Newer schools are well maintained and have up to date facilities.
  • Medical facilities in the school should be well-appointed. In the unfortunate eventuality that your child falls ill, the onus of primary and sustainable health care lies with the school. It is perhaps one of the most important considerations to ensure peace of mind for parents who entrust their precious child to the school.
  • The course fee structure is also integral to choosing a good school. You should consider the entire fee inclusive of admission fee, caution money, tuition, boarding and fooding along with other incidentals. The fees should be commiserating with the facilities offered by the school.
  • The school’s vision and mission statements speak a lot about the life of its students. Residential schools are not only responsible for the academic pursuits of the student but also their emotional and social development. The value system of the school reflects the value system of the students studying there and vice versa.
  • There should be emphasis laid on the way the parents can communicate with the school. Transparency and clarity are very important. The school should take pains to keep the parents in the loop about any developments regarding their ward and activities in school.

These are the basic considerations that must feature in any search for a superlative boarding school for students in class 11 and 12. You should be careful that the school ideals match your idea of the perfect school for your child. These years are critical to groom your youngster from a school kid to a poised pre-college neo-adult. Choose carefully to ensure that the passage is smooth and your child gets maximum exposure and opportunities. The school is the chrysalis that turns the child into the butterfly!

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