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Best Boarding School in India with A Changing Curriculum

Best Boarding School in India with A Changing Curriculum

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED June 24, 2022, UPDATED June 24, 2022

India is a land of educational delight. In every state and city, you will find some of the finest institutions, adorning the entire country. But, when it comes to the full-on development of a child, parents should always focus on the best boarding school in the country. Uttarakhand houses the best one so far, known by the name of SelaQui International School.

Our school is often considered to be the best boarding school in India and invites students not just from India but from far-off lands as well. We have created the most communicative international ground that helps students from all sectors of life and caste to come together and learn as one.

We will target students based on their needs and interesting fields. Then, we will push them in those directions through our programs and events. Our main goal is to make each one of them established as real human beings to take up the challenges that life throws at them. We have already created some masterminds who are flourishing in different corners of the world. Now, it’s time to take your child into custody and make him an able human being.

Features of SelaQui International School:

Before you proceed further and join hands with us at SelaQui International School, we would like to showcase some of our features, which make our institution stand out in the crowd.

  • Our institution is located in a pollution-free environment, covering 52 acres of lush greenery all around. Our campus is pretty big and will cover every need that a child has while growing up.
  • Furthermore, we prepare our little ones for the world; we have come across some of the best international exchange programs for our students.
  • From us, your kids will research experiential learning, which is completely research-based. So, we are moving away from theoretical knowledge and focusing on the practical essence of education.
  • To make lives comfortable for our students, we have air-conditioned boarding houses. They will stay in the most luxurious environments to help focus on their studies whole-heatedly.
  • We have a proper student-teacher ratio of 6:1. So, for every six students, we have 1 teacher allotted for their upbringing. It clearly shows that we pay quality attention to each and every one of our students to help in overall growth.
  • Not only preparing little ones from a tender age, but we have some amazing college placements for the graduating batch. It means that every student will get direct admission to some of the best colleges in India and abroad through our campuses.
  • We have invited modern learning goals into our educational sector. That’s why we have changed the old traditional classrooms with smart classroom features. We have Wi-Fi all over the institution and monitored and secure campus modules as well.
  • Every student needs career guidance after a certain age. Well, you don’t have to worry about that as we have this point covered as well. We have a separate career information and guidance department. The main goal of this section is to guide students into taking the right path, where they feel most interested.
  • Apart from studies, we take notice of the overall development of our students. That’s why we have horse riding, a golf course, and a shooting range under extra-curricular activities for our little ones. It helps them to grow interested in other areas apart from studies and also make a career out of it.
  • We have a qualified resident medical team on board with us. So, if any student gets sick, unfortunately, the parents really don’t have to bother about it. Our qualified medical team is always available 24 x 7 to take care of your little ones on your behalf.

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The modern curriculum is as followed:

When it comes to teaching and classroom learning, we have used all the modern tools and technologies to make the services work out for our students. We have been planning this change for a long time and are ready to give it a shape now.

  • This new generation is unlike any of the old ones you have seen so far. With changes in modern teaching habits, we have seen some great changes among students. So, we haven’t been lagging behind and have invited those modern learning tools under our belt.
  • There has been a shift in the focus right from mastery of concepts to mastery of skills and integrating the same with human values development. We have been with this shift for a long time now.
  • Even before the national education policy, our team from SelaQui International School was working on the scenes to prepare our own curriculum design for 2020. It was a great surprise to see the alignment between the two in terms of what future learning should look like.
  • Our classrooms have turned into those places, which will enable the learners to explore all questions associated with a concept under the guidance of an experienced teacher. He is the one to lead them along the right path and let them explore answers on their own.

The main goal:

The primary goal of SelaQui International School is to create a vibrant, robust, and holistic school education, which will improve excellence in every human being. Our board is all set to offer quality education with the aim to promote social, cultural, and intellectual interest among the learners.

Our CBSE services work by evolving a learning process and the environment, which will empower the little kids to become global leaders in the current emerging society. The CBSE board will advocate comprehensive and continuous evaluation with a major emphasis on the overall holistic development of the kids out there.

We are following every step with the board to offer a stress-free learning environment. It helps in developing a confident, competent, and enterprising citizen to promote peace and harmony. So, for the overall development of your little kids, you must enroll them in SelaQui International School right away! The educational guidance and friendly environment will help them to become successful individuals.

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