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Points to be Considered Before Choosing the Best Boarding School in India for Girl

Points to be Considered Before Choosing the Best Boarding School in India for Girl

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED July 17, 2021, UPDATED June 14, 2023

The most difficult and important phase of a child’s life is to acquire the best education. This phase is sorted only when the parents find a well-equipped and knowledge-induced school for their kids. An amazing school doesn’t mean just good in academics but also in the all-round development of the students. This is only possible with a school allows the student to spend the major part of their constructive time in studying, co-curricular and other important activities.

A boarding school is a place where students and teachers stay and spend their maximum time in studying and grooming themselves to achieve all-round development. These schools are better equipped, advanced and different than day schools and other normal schools because of the environment it provides to the students.

The best girls' boarding school in India is SelaQui, which offers all students a comprehensive education. The school is a powerful testament to our diverse culture, extensive exposure to the world, and secure surroundings. It embodies the ideal fusion of extracurricular activities and academic pursuits. The institution offers pupils a variety of chances to succeed in their chosen fields. 

Why Boarding School is the Best Choice for Your Girl

  • Dedicated Learning Space Girls attending boarding schools can benefit from the frequently offered focused study atmosphere. In addition, girls may find it simpler to stay on track academically with fewer distractions and more opportunities for one-on-one attention from teachers.

  • Additional Academic Possibilities Boarding schools frequently provide various clubs and extracurricular activities, including sports teams, arts initiatives, and volunteer opportunities. 

  • Independent and accountable Girls attending boarding schools might grow in independence and responsibility by living away from home. They develop their own time management, responsibility hierarchy, and social skills.

  • Community Friendly Boarding schools frequently draw students from diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. As a result, girls can pick up tips from their peers and have a deeper appreciation for various viewpoints and experiences.

  • Getting Ready for College By providing a comparable living and studying environment, boarding schools can assist females in preparing to move to college. In addition, they gain experience in time management, living with others, and navigating a more challenging academic environment.

SelaQui: A boarding school for girls with the best Faculty.

SelaQui, the best boarding school for girls in India, should be your top choice for your daughter's residential school. Here are a few unique features of SelaQui that makes it the most trusted girls boarding schools in India. Every parent's top concern is safety. Therefore, the school is well-equipped and knowledgeable about the rules. Students are always in the care of wardens and house moms. 

Girls can pick up crucial virtues and life lessons from their fellow boarders and progressively develop their independence. At SelaQui, they have access to contemporary boarding facilities. In addition, students have access to various amenities, including a space for group study, recreational amenities, computer learning classrooms, a selection of popular books and newspapers, etc. 

The school's well-equipped technology labs and surroundings make all students technologically capable and progress. In addition, the female children are provided with a positive learning atmosphere that encourages them to fully develop. According to their interests, each student must participate in these activities. 

Physical activity and sports encourage smart brain development in children. There are occasionally scheduled games and other activities to make learning more fun. SelaQui strongly emphasises the overall growth and development of a girl's child through excellent sports and sporting facilities.

Admissions are open for the 2023–2024 academic session for Classes V to IX and XI. We adhere to a simple admission process for the comfort and convenience of the students and parents. You can visit our admission department for further information and to submit an application. You can pay the registration cost of INR10,000 in one of the ways given on our website. 

A candidate may accept an offer of admission by paying the non refundable admission fee of INR 1,20,000 to the school office by the given deadline. In addition, two half-yearly payments are required for tuition fees, which are subject to adjustment every two years. 

SelaQui International School is the top girls boarding school in India. Our acclaimed faculty pushes each student above their comfort zones to learn new skills and form enduring relationships thanks to a well-planned curriculum for each session. The school adheres to a student-teacher ratio of 6:1 and is dedicated to quality education, nurturing, and development. 

By promoting, supporting, and pushing the kids' potential, we are well-equipped to give a variety of facilities and services to the students and inspire them in a global setting. Our campus has amenities, including air-conditioned boarding homes, a golf course, a riding and shooting range, smart classrooms with Wi-Fi, and a wholly patrolled, large campus.

How to Choose the Best Boarding School for Your Girl?

Before selecting the best boarding school in India for a girl, some factors must be considered because doing so is both vital and challenging. The following discusses these points.

  • Parents' significant worries about girls are safety and security. They must therefore seek out boarding schools with high levels of the campus and surrounding area security.
  • A clean, well-kept boarding school should be chosen because it's crucial to have a healthy body and mind to concentrate on academics and other activities.
  • The boarding school's wardens and staff need well-behaved female staff members who can assist them and provide the children with the care they need for healthy development.
  • Parents sending their children to boarding schools should choose one with adequate medical services if they want them to stay healthy and free from illness.

One of the best boarding school in Dehradun is Selaqui International School, which is ranked as the best boarding school in India for girl. The school provides all the facilities stated above to the students, along with a great emphasis on holistic education. We have all the facilities inside the campus like a basketball court, playground, medical centre, library, auditorium, etc. for easy reference of all. Our boarding school helps the student in their all-round development and makes themselves fight and win in any situation in life. Visit the website to know more about the school and the admission process.

SelaQui: The best girl boarding school in India

SelaQui International School considered the most fantastic boarding school in India for girls, is one of the best boarding schools in Dehra dun. The school offers all the amenities mentioned to the kids and strongly emphasises holistic education. The campus is equipped with every comfort, including a basketball court, playground, medical centre, library, auditorium, etc. The girl students at our boarding school learn to battle and prevail in every life scenario and aid in their overall growth. 


Can girls go to boarding school?

Girls can indeed attend boarding schools. However, although numerous boarding schools are exclusively for girls, boarding schools are not gender-specific.

What age should a girl go to boarding school?

Depending on the region where the school is located and the school's policies, there may be a range of ages at which a girl can enrol in boarding school. For example, girls can begin attending boarding schools as early as 11 or 12. 

What are the girl's hostel rules?

The policies of each boarding school will determine the hostel rules for girls. However, a few standard regulations might apply to girls' hostels, such as curfew hours, room inspections, guest limits, and prohibited objects. 

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