‘BITS-Pilani has the right formula for Board results’

Yash Mehrotra scored 191 in JEE (Main) and 92.1% in AP Board. Normalization put paid to his hopes of a seat in an NIT. He’s finally joined a private IT college in Noida. He spoke to TOI. Excerpts:

Were you expecting normalization to end your dreams?

No. The normalization formula came after the Class XII result. Before that we’d thought with my Class XII marks and JEE (Main) score, I’d rank in the 10,000-range. But normalization changed all that.

Will you appear for the exam next year?

No point unless normalization’s removed. This year, students from Andhra Board had no chance of getting a rank within 20,000 without a 97% in class XII. In my school, barely 10 out of 200 students were within 20,000. I’m hugely disappointed.

What changes should be made?

Overemphasis on Class XII could result in neglecting JEE (Main). Normalization shouldn’t be used. Now engineering aspirants will study English or French to score additional marks. Instead, cut-off should be used like BITS, Pilani does.

Courtesy:The Times Of India

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