10 Reasons to Consider Boarding Schools in Dehradun for Girls

Every parent wants to give the best education to their kids. They look for the best schools to help their kids in their educational pursuits. Dehradun city, synonymous to education, is a beautiful city which has a good number of boarding schools offering the best education to the students. The city has a good number of girls, boys as well as co-educational schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or CIE. These schools make Dehradun city a hub of reputed schools, providing the best quality education.

Without any doubt, SelaQui International School is one of the Best girls boarding schools in Dehradun, aiming to imbibe good educational values in girls. The school focus on the overall growth and development of kids. If you are looking for the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun, SelaQui International School is a good option to consider.

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Reasons Why SelaQui is the Best

Parents are primarily concerned about the safety and security of their girls’ child when it comes to choosing a top boarding school for girls in Dehradun. There are numerous reasons to consider SelaQui as the best option for a residential school in Dehradun for your girls’ child.

  1. SelaQui can be like a home away from home: Safety being the foremost priority for every parent, the school is well equipped and aware of the safety guidelines. Wardens and house mothers are always there to take care of children. As a school, we are providing the best boarding facilities and arrangements to make the child as comfortable as possible.
  2. Helps the Child Being Independent: While at home, where parents are always standing by the side of their kids, they tend to become dependent on them. But sending your child to SelaQui will help to develop a sense of responsibility and self-dependence in them. Girls can learn the important virtues and life skills from their boarding mates and gradually become independent.
  3. Teach Discipline and Adjustment: In boarding schools, girls come from different families and cultures and are aware of various different things. With our discipline and guidance, they will learn new things from each other, which might not have been possible while staying at home.
  4. Recreational Activities: SelaQui International School provides modern boarding facilities to the students. Wide range of facilities like a place for group study, recreational facilities, computer learning classrooms, a variety of popular books and newspaper etc. are available for students. You can read more information about the school facilities on our website as well.
  5. Technology Driven Environment: Technology plays a very important role in developing the overall personality and knowledge of the child. The school is well-equipped with technological labs and environment to make all of them technologically advanced and abled. An inspirational learning environment is offered to the girls’ child that helps them to grow better.
  6. Extra-curricular Activities: These are an important part of our course curriculum. Each student is required to take part in these activities as per their interests. This helps in the overall growth and development of each student.
  7. Teach them to be Responsible: Under a disciplined and guided environment, we teach the children to take ownership of their deeds. This helps children becoming mature and disciplined. They learn to be responsible for their actions, bounded under a discipline code.
  8. Sports Exposure: Sports and physical activities help young minds to grow smartly. Games and other activities are organized from time to time to make learning more interesting. SelaQui emphasizes on the overall development and growth of girl’s child, through great sports and sports facilities.
  9. Best & Experienced Faculty: We hire well-educated and experienced teachers who are highly qualified and friendly with their students. They help students to learn good habits and manage work on their own, by imparting knowledge and good values.
  10. Concepts Development: With boarding school, the time spent wasted in commutation is saved and is used diligently and efficiently over academics or co-curricular activities. As the teachers and students are residing together, the child will be stretched by the amount of academic work to be done. This will help them in a strong foundation of the basic concepts and getting through colleges.

SelaQui International School is the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun with every modern facility and amenity. We have a great educational system to engage and encourage students for their healthy development. We have an experienced and well-versed staff, which is taking great pain to maintain the momentum of the class and school, at all times.

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