Boarding school in India for NRI: Why SelaQui International is the Best Choice?

Boarding school culture is often hailed as the best education a child can get. The student leaves home and hearth to create new family and live a completely different life from what he/she has known. The experience can be fully appreciated only by someone who has known the joy of living in a residential school.

The modern ambience at SelaQui International is conducive to the educational needs of both Indian and international students. The sprawling campus is home to a select group of students who congregate in the serene campus to find excellence, learn leadership qualities and commit to a strong value system. Boarding schools are the bedrock of building character and creating social fabric that is inclusive in its diversity.

The beauty of Himachal, a strong security system and a string of awards to its name makes the SelaQui International School one of the leading schools in its class. Outstanding academic background, sports facilities and a strong value and belief system make it one of the finest places to study and grow. NRI (Non-resident Indian) students, in particular, have found the ambience to be of a global standard.

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How do international students find their niche in Indian boarding schools?

The modern schools have an open cultural backdrop where students from every background are enmeshed as a cohesive whole. Students learn to complement each other, build on their strengths and strengthen their weak areas. The school community is tightly knit and offers a varied curriculum in CBSE format. Students learn to gel with children from across the country and abroad too. Over 15 countries and 25 Indian states are represented in the school.

Students are encouraged to travel to other schools and also participate in exchange programmes with overseas schools. The international student exchange programme not only allows the students to experience diverse cultures abroad, but also allows the school to welcome foreign students in their midst. This is the best learning experience that a student can get. To interact and mesh with different cultures can lead to creation of broad personalities and a global outlook.

There is emphasis on personal and academic growth. Students are encouraged to pursue opportunities and excellence in their chosen fields. Goal setting is an important part of the SelaQui International. Children are encouraged to set personal goals in every segment and work progressively to achieve these goals.

The curriculum is globally relevant and revolves around the 6 C’s. Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Character and Citizenship are the pillars on which the value system of the school is based. All activities in the school are aligned towards building these values in the child. There is good reason that the dedication of the teaching staff and the school management has produced the best results in the class.

There is a definite emphasis on the preparation for international and competitive exams like IIT/NEET / CLAT / SAT and university placements in India and abroad. The dedicated careers department has done an excellent job in preparing students for their future roles in life.

The British Council has begun the process of accrediting the school to the International School Award. This is a Benchmarking scheme that accredits schools in creating excellence in teaching practices. Innovation is the game changer in the school.

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The International School Award (ISA)has been a definite boost in the school’s laurels. the accreditation is earmarked for schools that have outstanding standards. The goal is to nurture the vision of Global Citizenship in young people. The world has truly metamorphosed into a global village today, and the ISA is testament to the fact. The aim of the exacting standards that SelaQui International demands is to enrich both teaching and learning methodologies. Student centric and experiential teaching pedagogies have turned academics into an enriching experience.

A host of cultural and extra-curricular activities have made the school popular in the domestic and international arena. The students are not only taught to be academically proficient but also develop strong life skills. Holistic education with an aim of all-round development has truly made the school a hub for international students.

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