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Boarding School vs Day School vs Home Schooling - How Boarding School Stands Out

Boarding School vs Day School vs Home Schooling - How Boarding School Stands Out

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED January 23, 2023, UPDATED January 23, 2023

As a parent, it can be really overwhelming when your child reaches the age of schooling. And, with it, comes the anxiety of choosing the right form of schooling. Today, we have a wide access to schools and even the option of home schooling, thereby, making the right choice difficult. Now every method of education will have its advantages and a few shortcomings. In this article, we look at each type in detail.

Boarding School Vs Day School

Every child starts the first foray into education from a day school. It establishes sense of exploration among young minds. Every school aims to strive for the complete personality development of all its students. It has the necessary infrastructure and culture in place to imbibe children with values and skillsets for their future.

Boarding schools have traditionally been perceived as a form of punishment for children because they are sent away from their homes. But with changing times, this perception has transformed. Boarding schools are better at equipping children with self-confidence and independence since they have to look after themselves. It also teaches them kindness, politeness, community living and wide exposure to multiculturalism when they live with peers at the hostel. Boarding schools also inculcate regular discipline among the students to wake up at a certain time, study diligently and behave well.

While day schools also learn and teach with the same methods, children still get the leeway of being in the comfort of their homes. Most day schools have all the necessary facilities for academic and extra-curricular activities. If the school is located far away from the home, children are bound to get more tired after school commute. With the additional burden of classes, they may eventually detest going to school altogether. Boarding schools are advantageous on this front. Children can play indoor or outdoor games during their playtime, interact with children from other classes and make new friends.

Boarding school is a better option for parents who are genuinely busy in their careers but do not want to compromise on the quality of education for their children. The right boarding school guarantees holistic development, making the child resilient and self-confident.

When opting for a boarding school, a lot of factors must be considered. Right from its location to its fees, every little detail counts. SelaQui International School in Dehradun fares well as being one of the best boarding schools in India. Spread over 52 acres lush green campus, the school is instantly likeable for every child because of its pristine location. And with its student-led education with interactive teaching methods, learning is made fun for every child.

What is Home schooling and is it Beneficial?

Home schooling is an alternative education method which is gaining popularity in modern times. It refers to teaching a child at home with open study resources. It does not conform to the educational system but is focused on gaining more practical knowledge. It has become even more common after the covid-19 pandemic which transformed the traditional classroom environment into learning at home. Home schooling is more prevalent internationally and is slowly gaining popularity in India. This method does not have a stringent syllabus or even an examination system but it has the advantage of customising the learning method as per the child’s abilities and interests. There is no hurry about performing well but children are allowed to grow at their own pace. Parents can teach the kids on their own or hire a tutor. Home schooling is also a convenient option for travelling families, where kids can learn on the go. It emphasizes learning for knowledge, not grades.

But while it seems convenient, it is not affordable. There are so many resources to learn from but a total lack of structure. It is difficult to set milestones and levels for what your child should learn at what age. Day schools or boarding schools teach students a variety of topics at length. From branches of math, science, literature, and language, your child has some knowledge about each of these subjects. But it is not possible for a parent to cover everything such as physics, chemistry, calculus in much detail. And because there is no grade system, children can take the process of learning very lightly, which can have adverse effects on their future.

When it comes to choosing the education style, it is important to consider all these points, the pros and cons of every method. Budget is also one thing that families need to consider when choosing any school. Boarding schools are comparatively more expensive because of the round-the-clock attention to kids and the numerous facilities. At the end of the day, every parent wants what is best for their child.

Choose the Best Boarding School in Dehradun

If you are considering sending your child to a boarding school for all its advantages, then we would recommend SelaQui International in Dehradun. One of the top residential schools in India, it follows the CBSE curriculum and admits students from Class 5-9 and 11. The school boasts of an international student community and encourages students to set goals for themselves. It uses the Harkness method of teaching and offers children various opportunities and programs, to encourage learning beyond textbooks. A school that is committed to inspiring young minds to discover their true potential, it is one of the best CBSE boarding schools for your child.

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