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SIS Hosts University of Canterbury

The school hosted a group of delegates from the University of Canterbury on Thursday, 23rd August. They addressed grade XI and XII students and introduced them to the University culture, departments and the courses they offer. They also discussed the opportunities in New Zealand for the students after graduating and the friendly immigration rules to support the international students. A competition called “ACE THE CASE” was organized for grade XII students by the University. Students were asked to identify one local/national problem, analyze it and work on the framework that can provide a solution to the problem. They were also asked to participate in an essay writing competition on the prompts provided by them. Students get two weeks to submit the same online. Five winners of this competition will be awarded the Dean Award Scholarship by them to study a course of their choice at the University.

The event witnessed an overwhelming and enthusiastic participation from the students. Burning issues like Women safety, Sexual Health, Environment Degradation and Poverty were addressed by them. Students were judged on their problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and teamwork.
Winners of the Dean Award Scholarship will be announced on 10th September 2018.

Hina Sharif Khan


Today, we live in exponential times, where products and services often become obsolete overnight and one is competing with innovations and startups by 15-year-olds and the likes of Tanmay Bakshis who are getting hired at the wise age of ’13’ by Google with 66 lakh pay package! Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is a digital revolution that brings together digital, physical and biological systems. The interplay between fields like nanotechnology, 3D Printing, coding, computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Augmented Reality will create realities that were previously unthinkable. Data and technology will overwhelm us. This will bring change at a speed, scale, and force, unlike anything we have experienced before. It will affect the very essence of our human existence. The predic-tion of five million jobs lost to technology by 2020 is serious.

The First Industrial Revolution brought mechanical innovations like the steam engine, cotton-spinning and railroads. With the Second Industrial Revolution came mass production through assembly lines and electrification. The third Industrial Revolution brought mainframe computers, personal computing and the internet to the fore. Now, at the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the questions we need to ask ourselves are ‘What do we need to know to prepare ourselves for jobs that don’t yet exist? How can college prepare you to thrive in an uncertain future? How are we going to deal with this disruption, joblessness, and uncer-tainty?’

Be that as it may, the fourth Industrial Revolution calls for a paradigm shift in the approach to career planning. Gone are the days when you ask a child what they will be when they grow up. It is time to ask them what they enjoy doing. World Economic Forum has compiled a list of ten ‘skills’ which will help in facing the challenges thrown by the new technology. As Artificial Intelligence begins to impact the workforce and automa-tion replaces some existing jobs, there is an increased need for skills like creativity, curiosity, adaptability, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communicating ef-fectively for a smooth transition. The top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not even exist in 2004. One must strive for developing skills for the jobs that have not been created yet, for technologies that have not been invented, to solve problems that have not yet been anticipated. We have to create a space which enables people to think creatively, to come up with divergent ideas and be innovative. Ken Robinson, in his famous Ted Talk on education, has remarked that “creativity is as important as literacy”

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. While new technology may cause the disruption of some jobs, it will also create many new jobs, some of which we can’t even imagine today. While technology may wipe out many jobs as predicted, it will end up opening new avenues too. If automation and computers have replaced humans, they have also increased the demand for computer-based work and created new jobs related to developing, coding, and programming computers. If we prepare ourselves well and embrace the changes, it will open up infinite opportunities for us. The extent of these opportunities could not have been fathomed two or three decades ago.

So to answer the question: what is coming around the bend?

You have W.B. Yeats, whispering to you
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand

Is It?

— Hina Sharif Khan


3rd May, 2018. Terminal 3, IGI Airport, the stage was set for our departure to THE US of A.

The excitement was racing in my veins. The ticket to Boston was in my hand and the plane was about to take off. Within 20 hours, we were in Massachusetts. Going to a place that great gives me the chills even now. The first location that was to be explored was… HARVARD UNIVERSITY. We were guided by Noah (our tour guide), who gave us hints of some mysterious incidents that the place had seen in the past.

To maintain the momentum of the trip we opted to go to MIT the following day. The science geeks had proven themselves yet again. They had a roller coaster in their backyard and a cop’s car on the top of the building. Who says science guys aren’t cool?

After looking at places which ask of great academic results, you need some self-confidence and relaxation. Guess what? We went to the Niagara Falls and also saw the ‘scrapers of Manhattan. Relaxation done, it was now time for gaining some self-confidence. For that, we reached main destination of our expedition. On 11th May we entered the gates of NASA for the “Space Pass Program”. The two-day long program included a guided tour of the NASA launching and manufacturing facility and attending various presentations based on the past expeditions and on the ones that are planned for the future.

Education was now over for the trip. Now was the time to do some fun. Universal Studios was what we had in the plan to make the trip perfect. This marked the end of our stay in the United States of America. The trip will never be forgotten, it had everything that you could have, and in good company.

— Pragyan Rajkhowa

SelaQui International School shines in CBSE Board exams

Students of SelaQui International School created a new School record in the class 12th CBSE exams that were declared on Saturday. The batch of 2017-18 improved on the school record by 4%. Lipi Koyu of humanities stream not only topped the school but also created a new school record by scoring 97%. The results of humanities stream aggregated an average of 89.2%. More than 85% of 61 students who appeared scored above 80% and 13 students scored above 90%.  Lipi Koyu, the school topper credited the hard work of faculty, academic process and trust of her parents for her achievements. Speaking to the press, she expressed her desire to join the prestigious St. Stephen’s College. Headmaster, Mr. Rashid Sharfuddin informed the press that the myth of Boarding Schools not doing well in academics has been shattered. One has to only look around at academic achievements of boarding schools in Dehradun both in CBSE and ICSE boards. At SelaQui, we aim to create a spirit of academic excellence as well as of sports and co-curricular activities. Mr. Sharfuddin credited the good results to not only a very committed and spirited faculty, focused students but also to the rigorous academic process of the School. The School also sends a large number of students to IIT and Medical colleges every year due to a much focused Gurukul programme.  The aim now is to raise the bar and work on good college placements in the coming days informs the Headmaster.


Career Fair at SelaQui

The Career Fair organized at SelaQui International School in Dehradun, one of the best CBSE boarding school in Indiaon April 20, 2018 saw great fervor among the students. Only a few among the top 10 boarding schools in India, SelaQui takes great initiative and pride in training students of classes 10, 11 and 12 (the SeQuins) and offer them the opportunities available in the different avenues of college education that would make them ready for their future enterprise.

The students interacted in an engaging session with representatives of more than 15 colleges and universities from the USA, among which were the big campuses of Arizona State University and Indiana University. The representatives of these universities gave the SeQuins a brief introduction to their institution following which the students went to the desks of those institutions that interested them and clarified their queries about admission procedures, eligibility criteria and scholarships.

The students were given brochures with complete information and contact details. Interestingly most universities offered 200+ research programs which fortunately, give the students a lot of options to choose from. Such fairs open up the students’ horizon to a plethora of opportunities out there and help us make informed choices. Kudos to our SelaQui!

— Saalik Rather

Get Your Future Ready with Resonance-Gurukul Integrated Program

India is poised to become one of the largest economies of the world and it owes much of its success to the prevailing education system that has the potential to create meritorious students that could add some value to the society a whole. However, with growing number of aspirants and students it is important for students to get themselves ready to meet the ever-changing field of education.

Keeping all these facts in mind SelaQui Education in association with education giant Resonance has come-up with a unique school integrated residential program “Resonance Gurukul” designed to meet the challenges of ever-demanding Indian society. It would not only enable students to do well at the competitive exams, but also at the school board examinations, now an integral and essential component of success and high ranks in the competition.

The goal of the initiative is to help students assimilate new pattern of entrance exams not just for the knowledge but shall extend to understanding of the fundamental concepts and applications of pure science and mathematics.

The course is being designed by a team of experienced and eminent teachers having several years of experience with reputed brands across the country and every effort has been made to ensure that students ‘know’, ‘understand’ and apply these in unfamiliar and unpredictable real life situations.

In the boarding environment at SelaQui, Teachers stay on the campus along with students and are therefore, available to students 24×7. Students are supported not just in studies but are nurtured in every possible way; intellectual, academic, physical and spiritual. Guided studies in the evening ensure that every student is engaged and supported.

We believe that learning is a journey and assessments are its integral and essential milestones. Every assessment informs the students and teachers of their present status and helps in charting the course ahead. Teachers work together with the students in covering these gaps.

Finally, it is important that every student develops and blossoms to his/her potential. Resonance Gurukul program design will ensure that a much larger number succeeds and those who do not, will surely make it good otherwise – for the skills and values they imbibe while at Resonance Gurukul at SelaQui will carry on with them throughout life.

Some of the salient features of this course are:

  • Intensive interactive learning environment.
  • Topic wise assignments graded for different difficulty levels.
  • Solving Comprehensive assignments & Daily practice of multi-concept problems – Refines and reinforces problem skills.
  • Cumulative tests that continually monitor student performance.
  • A progressive preparation for the examination.

Exploring Scopes and Careers in Hotel Management Industry

Airline Industry: One of the career options that are gaining huge traction among students of hospitality and tourism is the Airline Industry. The field is particularly preferred by female aspirants as clients are looking for female candidates more than their counterparts. After the completion of the hotel management course aspirants can join as Flight attendant and Air Hostess. However, the field is not confined to this rather aspirants can also join the industry as Public Relationship officer or ground staff. The remuneration and perks offered in this industry is pretty appealing and aspirants equipped with adequate knowledge and eligible traits could expect a starting salary of 20 to 25k. The figure may go up for international airlines and they could expect a remuneration of 50 to 70k.

Hotels: With the advent of globalization and liberalization the whole world has shrunk into a global village and doing business has become very convenient and easy with it. However, one of the challenges for these businesses is the accommodation of their visitors and guests. Here comes the need of a hotel that offers favorable and welcoming experience to their guests. After the completion of the course in hotel and hospitality industry people could find jobs in reputed hotels like Taj, Oberoi and Welcome. Asides, aspirants can expect jobs in various international chains like Hyatt, Sheraton and many more.

Some of the important department where aspirants and students could find jobs is:

  • Front Office,
  • House Keeping,
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Food Production
  • Floor management
  • Food quality control department

Compared to Airline industry the range of salary and remuneration is a bit low still is the best platform to start off your career. Aspirants and students could expect 10-15K initially which is bound to go up within a year depending on the skills and mindset of the person.

Retail Sector: These days’ people and individuals invest a considerable part of their time in places like Malls, PVR, Hospitals, BPO and other recreation facilities. It is important for these organizations to offer the best possible experience to their customers and visitors and hence is always in search of professionals who are from the field of hospitality and tourism.

Teaching: Teaching is another option that people are left with as there are number of colleges and institutes that are willing to hire individuals who could impart quality education to students and aspirants. These individuals are open to join IHMs or private colleges after the completion of their course. These individuals can expect a salary of 10k initially which reaches up to 30k depending on the skills and expertise of the individual.

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship is one of the best: Another option that is available with these students is Entrepreneurship in which they can start their own chains of restaurants and hotels. They can also organize themed parties depending on the requirements of their clients.

Some Important Steps to Become a Successful Computer Engineer

Computer and Internet have penetrated almost every sphere of life and much of the success of an individual depends on the efficiency and capability of IT department. Viewing the growing demand of computer and IT professionals, students are rushing on to grab the opportunities available in this sector.  When we talk about computer and IT career “Computer Engineer” is one of the sought after career options for students. With this article we have come-up with certain facts that could help students become a successful Computer Engineer.

Start your preparation from high school itself

When we talk about duties of computer engineer it includes evaluating, designing and manufacturing the software and hardware component of a computer system. Individual having a degree in the field of computer engineering could find a position in various sectors like manufacturing, consumer goods, defense, communication and healthcare. Students keen to develop a career in the field of Computer Engineering should start their preparation right from the school days. They should put extra effort in courseware like Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Students need to know that this is the foundation on which their rest of the career is going to be built and hence should clear their concepts and assimilate the knowledge thoroughly.

Earn a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

This is the second milestone that students need to achieve. It is the degree course that equips and empowers individuals with basic understanding of computer, computer related parts, decision making and problem solving skills. All we can say that it equips students with relevant and pertinent knowledge to land an entry level job. Some of the important modules covered in during this phase are:

  • Databases
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Programming
  • Software Designing
  • Network designing
  • Digital circuit designing


Go for an Internship

One of the most effective tools to get relevant experience is Internship. An internship may last for 2-4 months and equip students with relevant practical knowledge. Many firms offer internships after the first or second year of undergraduate studies and equip themselves with relevant industry norms. This is the only phase in which students should start interacting with potential employers to get them absorbed in the industry.

Go for higher education:

The field of computer science is a dynamic one and it keep on changing and updating. Viewing its dynamic nature it is important for students to keep them updated with every development in this field. This can be accomplished by obtaining Masters of Science in Computer Engineering or a Doctorate in Computer Engineering. With this degree students will be able to specialize themselves in various areas of computer science like:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Operating system & its Functioning
  • Computer User Interface designer and Developer

Computer Engineering is one of the most lucrative career options available these days for students and aspirants however, at the same time they should make it clear that it is a very challenging and demanding career options that requires huge investment of time, energy and  resources.

Some Top Management Colleges in India

Business management is one of the most preferred professional courses that are gaining traction these days. Students and aspirants are working hard to get into these colleges. This is not without reason that students are rushing on to grab the opportunity that the field embrace. After India became the signatory of WTO and Liberalization multinationals companies are starting their operation in India and are looking for people and individuals who could manage their business related activities and affairs. There are plenty of opportunities available these days for those people who are willing to carve a niche in the field of management and entrepreneurship.

However, with the growing demand of MBA professionals plenty of institutes and organizations have mushroomed-up in last few years that claim to be a renowned institute in the respective field. With this article our main aim is to help people know those institutes and colleges that are worth considering and can be tried upon.

Indian Institute of Management (IIMs): With quality education, acclaimed and talented faculty members and sound infrastructure, Indian Institute of managements (IIMs) have emerged as one of the most renowned business colleges not only in India but also in the whole world. These colleges have provided a good boost to India’s management education and once passed out people could expect a bright career ahead in the corporate world. Important IIMs in India are:

  • Indian institute of Management Ahmedabad
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  • Indian Institute of management Lucknow
  • Indian institute of Management Indore

Xaviers Labour Relation Institute: With well-equipped teaching force and sound infrastructure the institute has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for people seeking a lucrative career in the field of business management.

One of the renowned private graduate business school the main campus of the College is based at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. Established in the year of 1949 the college is known as one of the best destinations for those seeking to create a destination in the field of business management.

Some of the courses offered by the institute are:

  • Full-time 2 year post graduate program in Business Management
  • Full-time 2 year post graduate program in Personnel Management and Industry affairs
  • 1 year full-time General Management program (GMP)

Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University (FMS) (New Delhi): Commonly called as FMS, Faculty of Management Studies is one of the renowned names in the field of business management and corporate affairs. Faculty of management studies or FMS was the first business school in India which started offering a Full Time MBA program. The institute is well-known for its well-equipped infrastructure and sound teaching methodology.

The address for the University is:

Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi


Delhi – 110007

Contact: +91 11 2766 6382 / 6387 / 6388

SelaQui Institute of Management (SIM): In last few years the institute has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for students and aspirants looking for quality education sound traini8ng in the field of business and business related affairs.

Some of the courses offered by the institute are:

  • Master in Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Master in Business Administration (Finance)
  • Master in Business administration (Human resource)
  • MBA in Infrastructure & Urban Governance
  • MBA in Educational Management & Leadership (EML)