CBSE All Set to Stop Publishing Sample Papers for XI and XII Standards

Amid growing number of high scores in Board Exams, the regulatory authority Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to stop publishing the popular sample papers to help students prepare for their exams. According to reports from the sources the Board assumes that the sample papers have contributed a lot to this trend of gaining high scores on just having the surface level of knowledge. And, the increase in high scores at class XII level also push high cutoffs for admissions at undergraduate level in topmost colleges across the country.

As per the board, many students limit their studies to the solved sample papers, and yet score high marks without really having knowledge of the complete syllabus. The board presumes that without the sample papers, students will go through the detailed studies instead of selective mode, if they want to score high in exams.

The number of high scorers has been increased significantly since 2011. In fact, in 2013, 44,676 (5.03%) students scored 90% and above as against of that 15,839 (2.5%) five years back. Even the number of students obtaining 95% and above have been increased from 1020 (0.16%) in 2009 to 7231 (0.81%) in the current year.

The issue was discussed in the last meeting of the board and then it was decided by the governing body of the board that the sample papers will no longer be provided to the senior secondary students. The solved sample papers for CBSE subjects have been on print for over 20 years, aimed at giving the pattern of expected questions. In fact, there are a number of private publishers in the market who publish their own versions of sample papers following the trend of CBSE sample papers.

As per the CBSE Chairman, Vineet Joshi, students are increasingly getting selective in their studies and the sample papers are found to be the main reason behind this. As students are expected to study in a comprehensive manner, being selective in studies is just not the healthy academic practice. Hence forth, the sample papers will no longer be made available to the students.


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