CBSE Introduces an Assessment Concept for Class IX & XI

According to the latest news from the Indian education fraternity the authorities of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have decided to introduce the concept of open text based assessment (OTBA) for classes IXth and XIth. With this the goal of the organization is to incorporate analytical and theoretical skills, thus moving away from memorization, OTBA would be introduced in March, 2014 examination of these two classes.

Objective of this new element

• It will introduce Value Based Questions and extend all main subjects to 15-20 percent. The textual material will be provided to the schools prior to the commencement of the Summative Assessment II.

• For class IX this will apply to all subjects whereas this concept will apply in few Class XI subjects including Economics, Biology, Geography.

• This Open Text Based Assessment will comprise of different questions related to higher order thinking skill which include creative, subjective and open ended.

• The textual material only contains the important concepts of the syllabus. This student can get this material in the form of a diagram, a concept/mind map, a case study, a picture or cartoon, an article or problem/situation based queries.

• This will be followed from the second term.

According to news from the sources the text material/ case-studies for both the Classes IX and XI will be supplied to schools in December, 2013. Commenting on the issue, Shalini Dikshit, Principal KV New Cant said, “We have been given the instructions to follow the decision of the board as it has been introduced after much deliberation and every pro and con has been weighed upon”.

The students who are presently in class IX and XI would be giving their SA-II exam based on this new concept, she added.

The textual material may be in the form of an article, a case study, a diagram, a concept/mind map, a picture or a cartoon, problem/situation based on the concepts taught to the students during second term.

It will cover around 15-20% of the course in all the main subjects and may also include the value based questions.

The instructions further mentions that the textual material will be related to chosen concepts taken from the syllabi as OTBA will have questions of higher order thinking skills and some of which may be subjective, creative and open ended.

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