Celebration of Investiture Ceremony at SelaQui International Schools: The Renowned Boarding School in India

Investiture ceremony is one of those events that hold an utmost importance for everyone associated with the school or institute. The ceremony is important as it offers an opportunity for various stakeholders to exercise their roles and responsibilities. Moving on the same line SelaQui International School, one of the renowned boarding schools in India celebrated its Investiture Ceremony on 5 th Feb’14 wherein a new set of appointees were appointed and designated with various positions to exercise their authority and responsibility for the ensuing year. The honors to the student appointees were given by Vice Chairman Sir (Gen.Basant), Headmaster Sir (Mr. Rohit Pathak).


The Torch of ‘The School Captain’ was handed over by Abhay Pratap to Rijul Mittal;

The School Head Girl chosen: Lamer;


 Agni House Captain: Lucas Rambai; Agni House Vice Captain: Rakshanda ;


Akash House Captain: Shreyansh Pandey; Akash House Vice-Captain:Medum


Jal House captain: Abhishek Pal, Jal house Vice Captain: Livingstone;


 Prithvi House Captain: Shreyansh Sharma, Prithvi House Vice Captain:Zernia

 The Senior House Master, Mrs. Janice Furtado, introduced the senate. She advised the students to be the architects of the future and builders of a collective vision, thereby leaving behind a legacy for all to cherish.

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