Celebration of School Fete at SelaQui International School

A school carnival or a fete as it was twenty years ago is quite different from what it is today. The present system of education has witnessed a gradual acceptance of co-curricular activities as a part of the main curriculum and therefore the expression ‘extra¬curricular’ activities is looked upon as a kind of blasphemy in the context of modern schools. If we look at the advertisements of most evolving international schools, the reference to ‘co-curricular activities’ (not ‘extra’) as a part of the learning experience is given supreme priority to attract customers, err… parents.

Our school being no exception to the same organized a school fete with the help of an active participation of teachers & students on the 19th Dec’13.So, the students set up colorful stalls with different kinds of games to attract the children and as they started arriving in groups led by school authorities, the joy and gratitude on the faces of these children started overpowering us emotionally. The joy on the face of a child as he was lifted by our teacher to shoot at the balloons was priceless.

The kids started having a ball at the various stalls, be it trying to light ten candles with the same matchstick or bowling all the stumps with one ball. They tremendously enjoyed the program  that the school music and drama teams put up to entertain them. The food stalls which catered to their needs added to the charm of the event.

A fete would be no occasion for fun with friends unless it has this sense of purpose in itself, love and joy for the neighbor who craves for the bliss that we take for granted!


The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Headmaster along with the teachers and students proceeding towards the gate for the inauguration of the ‘School Fete’.


The greatness of our Chairman Mr. Om Pathak can be witnessed here………………………….. He handed over the privilege of inaugurating the ‘FETE’ by honoring his own school child to do so.


A lot many stalls were organized by the teachers’ one of such being the ‘Chinese stall’, the all-time favorite menu of children.


The children all gathered here to try their hand on the art of striking at the target.


The maximum strength of students being seen at their favorite eating spots: Chaat & Chinese Stall.


OMG! This Mickey here is playing a foolery around, thinking of what to do next???????


Look here is the complete gang of Mickey & his friends namely Chota Bheem & Santa.
The students of class XI all are feeling the privileged of having a click with these funny characters.
The fact stands that “Children are after all Children” and they find fun in all such things.


One can see the voluntary contribution of teachers who prepared ‘Pav Bhaji’ for the students.


This is the actual fun, students dancing around expressing their joy n happiness.


One can see the smiles & the joy that our respective Heads of the Institution portray, highlighting the fact that Grown –ups love to mingle with the children & feel the pleasure of doing such things as children do.

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