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Checklist For Selecting The Best Boarding School In India

Checklist For Selecting The Best Boarding School In India

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED June 20, 2023, UPDATED June 21, 2023

Choosing the right boarding school in India that will benefit your child most is critical and needs careful consideration. In India, Dehradun is well-known for its high-quality and prominent boarding schools. In addition, several reputable boarding schools in Dehradun are renowned for their academic prowess, holistic approach to education, and state-of-the-art facilities.

The city of Dehradun boasts a mild and pleasant temperature throughout the year. Because of this, it is easy for students to participate in outdoor activities and sports. The comfortable temperature also positively contributes to the pupils' health and happiness in general. It is common knowledge that Dehradun's boarding schools have amenities and infrastructure that are on par with the best in the world.

Here is a thorough checklist to help you select the best Dehradun hostel school to assist you in the choosing process. Let's begin:

Accreditation And Affiliation:

  • Check that the school is recognized by India's relevant education board or council. 
  • When seeking worldwide visibility, looking for affiliations with prominent educational institutions is vital.

Excellence in education:

  • In this step, you will evaluate the school's academic track record, including the results of board examinations and university placements.
  • Examine the subject matter covered, the methods of instruction used, and whether or not advanced classes or specialized programs are offered.
  • Consider the number of students to each teacher to provide individualized attention and assistance.

Infrastructure and facilities: 

  • Ensure that the classrooms, libraries, science laboratories, computer labs, and sports facilities are of sufficient quality and number.
  • Examine the repair and upkeep of the dorms, dining halls, common areas, and recreational places included in the boarding school.
  • Assess the accessibility of medical facilities on campus and the presence of skilled medical personnel.

Members of the teaching staff: 

  • Please inquire about the teaching staff's qualifications, including their years of experience and areas of speciality.
  • Consider whether students can access qualified support workers, including counsellors, coaches, and residential supervisors.

Evaluation of extracurricular activities: 

  • Evaluating the variety of available extracurricular activities, such as community service, debate, music, dance, and the arts, is essential.
  • Examine the history of the school's participation in and success at regional, national, and worldwide contests.
  • Inquire about the availability of student organizations, societies, and clubs that focus on holistic development.

Safety and Security: 

  • Conduct an audit of the various safety precautions taken on campus, such as installing surveillance systems and access control, as well as hiring trained security staff.
  • Inquire about the school's emergency, medical, and disciplinary protocols to find out how the school deals with these circumstances.

Pastoral care 

  • The availability of specialized professionals to help the student's emotional and social well-being is integral to the pastoral care and support evaluation.
  • Inquire about providing academic support and support for students with learning issues, as well as counselling services and mentorship programs.
  • Consider the school's rules and practices regarding student punishment, the prevention of bullying, and the resolution of conflicts.

Boarding life 

  • Evaluate the boarding facilities, paying close attention to the living circumstances, the range of recreational activities, and the facilities for maintaining personal hygiene and care.
  • Please inquire about the experience of the boarding staff as well as their strategy for cultivating a supportive community that is welcoming to all.

Parental involvement and communication: 

  • Inquire about the school's rules and procedures surrounding parental involvement in school activities and decision-making processes. 
  • Examine the institution's many means of communication, such as parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, online portals, and consistent progress reports on individual students.
  • Do consider the school's efforts to involve parents in the educational path of their kids and ask for input on how well the school is doing its job.

Reputation and Alumni Network: 

  • Research the institution's history and contributions to the field of education as part of your preparation for the alum network and reputation.
  • Inquire about the school's alum network and the accomplishments of school graduates in various disciplines.

Money matters: 

  • Examine the school's fee structure, which should include the tuition fees, boarding fees, and additional expenditures for uniforms, textbooks, transportation, and extracurricular activities.
  • Ask about the additional expenses not covered by the tuition and boarding fees, such as textbooks, uniforms, extracurricular activities, and travel.
  • Double-check to see if you have enough budget to meet these additional expenditures. Consider applying for any financial assistance the school could offer.
  • Ensure you find out the school's policy regarding flexible payment options, such as paying the tuition in monthly or quarterly instalments.

SelaQui: The Best Dehradun Hostel School

The SelaQui International School is a residential school that fosters an environment in which the students can learn about the diverse cultures and morals in the world, both in the classroom and inside the boarding rooms where they stay. The schoolwork perfectly matches the many clubs, community service projects, leadership opportunities, and cultural trips students can join.

The House system is the centre of the school's extracurricular and pastoral activities. Students enrolling at a school are immediately placed in one of the four houses. Each residence hall is equipped with all-weather air conditioning and features its own separate living space, supervised by a Housemaster who is a senior teaching staff member. 

Today, student safety is of the utmost importance. SelaQui International School, the best boarding school in Dehradun, is well-versed in taking all the required precautions to provide a safe atmosphere and campus for all its pupils. Furthermore, the school's objective is to foster in its students a robust academic foundation and a sympathetic and compassionate character by providing an engaging environment in which students can learn.

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