Exploring Scopes and Careers in Hotel Management Industry

Airline Industry: One of the career options that are gaining huge traction among students of hospitality and tourism is the Airline Industry. The field is particularly preferred by female aspirants as clients are looking for female candidates more than their counterparts. After the completion of the hotel management course aspirants can join as Flight attendant and Air Hostess. However, the field is not confined to this rather aspirants can also join the industry as Public Relationship officer or ground staff. The remuneration and perks offered in this industry is pretty appealing and aspirants equipped with adequate knowledge and eligible traits could expect a starting salary of 20 to 25k. The figure may go up for international airlines and they could expect a remuneration of 50 to 70k.

Hotels: With the advent of globalization and liberalization the whole world has shrunk into a global village and doing business has become very convenient and easy with it. However, one of the challenges for these businesses is the accommodation of their visitors and guests. Here comes the need of a hotel that offers favorable and welcoming experience to their guests. After the completion of the course in hotel and hospitality industry people could find jobs in reputed hotels like Taj, Oberoi and Welcome. Asides, aspirants can expect jobs in various international chains like Hyatt, Sheraton and many more.

Some of the important department where aspirants and students could find jobs is:

  • Front Office,
  • House Keeping,
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Food Production
  • Floor management
  • Food quality control department

Compared to Airline industry the range of salary and remuneration is a bit low still is the best platform to start off your career. Aspirants and students could expect 10-15K initially which is bound to go up within a year depending on the skills and mindset of the person.

Retail Sector: These days’ people and individuals invest a considerable part of their time in places like Malls, PVR, Hospitals, BPO and other recreation facilities. It is important for these organizations to offer the best possible experience to their customers and visitors and hence is always in search of professionals who are from the field of hospitality and tourism.

Teaching: Teaching is another option that people are left with as there are number of colleges and institutes that are willing to hire individuals who could impart quality education to students and aspirants. These individuals are open to join IHMs or private colleges after the completion of their course. These individuals can expect a salary of 10k initially which reaches up to 30k depending on the skills and expertise of the individual.

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship is one of the best: Another option that is available with these students is Entrepreneurship in which they can start their own chains of restaurants and hotels. They can also organize themed parties depending on the requirements of their clients.

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