Fewer toppers opt for IIT Bombay this year

The craze for admission in IITs is not a common thing these days however comparatively students are reluctant to take admission in IIT Bombay this year. According to reports from various sources even as the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) retains its pole position among the Joint Entrance Exam (Advanced) high scorers, the number of candidates from the Top 100 rankers who will join the Powai institute will be less than last year.

Only 67 aspirants from the elite club have been allotted seats at IIT-B, down from last year’s 77. IIT-Delhi (IIT-D) comes a distant second with 29 candidates compared to 19 last year. The remaining four candidates will head to IIT-Madras. Of the Top 10 rankers, eight have opted for IIT-B and the remaining two have signed up for IIT-D.

First ranker Pallerla Sai Sandeep Reddy and second ranker Addanki Ravichandra, both from Hyderabad, have opted for IIT-B. Leena Madhuri, the second highest ranker among girls, will also go to IIT-B. “We get really bright students. It does not matter how many from the Top 100 join us,” said Devang Khakhar, IIT-B director.

About a decade ago, IIT-Kanpur was the preferred choice for the Top 100 rankers in JEE. But since 2005, the trend has gradually changed in favour of IIT-B—this year none of the top candidates want to go to IIT-Kanpur.

“After four years of intensive preparations for the IIT entrance exam, students don’t join with a hunger in the belly to learn more. They look at the four years at IIT as a destressing period and hence, opt for IITs in metros, such as Bombay, Delhi and Madras,” said Sanjay Dhande, former director of IIT-Kanpur. “What also matters is job opportunities as companies are reluctant to travel to small towns to hire graduates.”

For the last few years, IIT-Kharagpur and IIT-Roorkee have not been able to attract any of the Top 100 rankers, while IIT-Madras has seen an increase in the inflow of top rankers. “Although four is a small number, we are not too concerned about the how many from the Top 100 join us because we get good students,” said Bhaskar Ramamurthy, director, IIT-Madras.

The IITs will put up the cut-offs of the top 20 percentile candidates from all state and central boards by Wednesday morning.

“There will not be many candidates who qualified in JEE (Advanced) but not in their boards. A couple of students, who got ranks in Advanced but were not eligible as they did not fall in the Top 20 percentile in their respective boards, did approach us. Such candidates will not get a seat at IIT,” said H C Gupta, JEE (Advanced) 2013 chairman.

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