First-ever English proficiency test for Indian English Medium Schools Launched

Education First has rolled out the first ever English Proficiency Survey (EPI) on Indian English Medium High Schools starting grade 8 till grade 10. This global research study on the english proficiency will map the proficiency of high school students from 22 countries and rank the countries based on their proficiency levels. Every year EF conducts a survey on the English proficiency of adults from 60 countries and it is known as the EF English Proficiency Index (EPI).

This survey will be rolled out to 30 best Indian Schools at the National level and only top 10 schools will be selected for the global survey. There has been an immense positive response from top Indian schools for this online survey where students can go online and attend this test which is in similar format as TOEFL test. The participating schools include Podar International School, Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Good Shepherd International School, Unison World School, DRS International School, Billabong International School and many more leading schools from North, South, East and West Zones.

For participating in this survey please log on to The time is right to check the proficiency levels of our English medium Schools and compare against averages and trends from other countries such as China, US and UK. While the same EPI survey done on Adults in 2012 ranked India 14th, under the moderate English proficiency level.

With this initiative over the years to come, the EF EPI will provide a uniquely standardized comparison of English proficiency that is useful for citizens and governments alike when trying to evaluate the effectiveness of their language policies over time.

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