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How Boarding Schools Can Add Value to Your Child’s Life?

How Boarding Schools Can Add Value to Your Child’s Life?

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED March 18, 2024, UPDATED March 18, 2024

Schooling is an important phase in a student’s life since it helps them grow as individuals. In one way or another, school students can impact their lives. This is the reason why parents constantly strive to provide the best possible educational opportunities to their children. And one of those opportunities is SelaQui International School. It is one of the best boarding schools in Uttarakhand that provides a CBSE and Cambridge curriculum. 

Learning never stops in SelaQui. A child acquires experiences and social skills in this unique environment.  Our school provides a pleasant learning environment, which is achieved via the positive ideals instilled by school staff. There are several other benefits of boarding schools. You can encourage your children to study at SelaQui International School to seek those benefits. 

5 ways How Boarding Schools Add Value To Student's Life 

Boarding school life separates teachers and students from the stress of adversarial interactions, freeing up valuable teaching and learning time. Such abilities offer students social competence, allowing them to flourish in life by developing their social and relational skills, as well as their intellectual and viewpoint. Here are some ways boarding schools add value to students’ lives. 

Holistic Development and Personal Growth

The holistic development of students is the top priority at SelaQui International School. We follow a CBSE & Cambridge curriculum that includes academic subjects like languages, literature, science, social studies, mathematics, computers, and more. Teachers at SelaQui believe in providing an interactive learning environment that enables students to excel academically. However, we focus on the overall development of students, including emotional, physical, social, creative, and intellectual development. Our aim is also to strive for the personal growth of students. This growth can be achieved when a student realises his/her full potential. At SelaQui, we have thus opened the doors to several co-curricular activities, leadership programs and events which will help students understand their talents and potential. Your children can explore all these clubs and societies, which will provide them with valuable learning. Furthermore, the students can acquire a myriad of skills that will help them become future leaders. 

Preparation for Independence and Life Skills Development

Making students independent is essential since it is the only way to build self-reliance and self-belief. Being away from home teaches a student to accept responsibility and accountability for themselves. By being responsible, they also learn to care for themselves and their belongings. Students need to boost their confidence, which will help them deal with day-to-day challenges independently, and that’s exactly what SelaQui International School does. 

Our school empowers students through academic and co-curricular activities. When kids participate in all activities, they acquire outstanding communication skills, which is an important component in any student's growth. At SelaQui, we ensure that students are engaged and encouraged to participate in a variety of events, which will help them develop their social and communication skills. We take pride in introducing students to various clubs, including music club, editorial club and creative art club, where they can develop certain life skills apart from academic learning. 

Introduction To Diverse Cultures

The benefit of keeping children in boarding schools is that they open their doors to students from many religions and cultures. As a result, it is an important chance for students to interact with one another, learn about various cultures, and develop their beliefs in order to become successful individuals in the future. SelaQui International School thus aims to form a community where a diverse group of students can study together, which will improve students' social skills. We also organise various programmes and activities where students need to participate in teams, thus growing the sense of collaboration, which is important in real-life scenarios as well. Working together will allow them to share knowledge, ideas and emotions, which will help them become well beings. 

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Purposeful Adventures

SelaQui International School occasionally organises educational and learning trips for students. These visits provide kids with a variety of nutritional experiences as well as exciting learning opportunities. Our school actively offers students intriguing and meaningful experiences, informative school trips, and outdoor learning opportunities, all of which are essential components of their curriculum. Without these adventures, their boarding school life will become mundane, and that’s not what we want for the children. 

Value-based Education 

Most boarding schools place a high value on a student’s overall development and SelaQui International School is not an exception. Our aim is to develop a well-balanced individual with a strong personality and beliefs. At SelaQui, we give equal importance to academics and value-based education. By instilling a variety of personality qualities, life skills and ethics, we emphasise value-based education. Students acquire these qualities through a series of activities that SelaQui International School offers. Your children may struggle to identify their passions and interests. For that reason, we have unique and interesting student clubs which include drama club, music club, language club, debating and public speaking society and more. At our school, your child can explore these intriguing areas to unlock their hidden talents, apart from becoming intellectually sound. 


Boarding schools play a crucial part in a student’s life. They provide the best educational opportunities. It is thus important to enrol your kids at a boarding school that will allow them to grow to their full potential. Dehradun’s SelaQui International School is considered one of the best boarding schools in India that encourages students to develop different life skills and gain academic excellence. Our co-ed residential school offers equal attention to academics and co-curricular activities. Our dedicated teaching staff and hostel staff work diligently to provide a safe learning environment for children. Studying here will add great value to your child’s life in future.

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