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Reports from various scientific journals prove that the initial age of a kid is crucial in imparting true values in a kid’s life. However, with the cutting-throat competition we have been neglecting these parts totally and are stressing much on the literary knowledge of kids which is not only fatal for the individual only, rather is devastating for any evolving society.

I remember the great quote that Albert Einstein had said once….. He says
“Science without Religion is Lame” & “Religion without Science is blind”

The quote has a great meaning in its totality, in which he told that ‘moral ethics’ and ‘literary’ knowledge should go simultaneously. An education will be incomplete if any one of these components is missed and this is why it is important to impart both of these human attributes simultaneously.
In usual day school, stress is given more to the ‘literary knowledge’ neglecting one of the basic components of education i.e. ‘moral ethics’. With this article we have come-up with some facts that will underline how a Boarding School could help kids imbibe both of these components and why is it needed at all in the first place.
Every boarding school like SelaQui International School has an educational research and development wing that do extensive research prior to formulating any strategy and imparting education with quality ethics is one of them that they stress a lot.
So, it is undoubtedly true that education and ethics both are important and both of these should go hand-in-hand during the initial part of student’s life and here are some of the ways through which a boarding school like SelaQui International School help students imbibe both of these components.
We Help Children Encounter Values: One of the best possible ways through which values and moral ethics could be imbibed into students’ personality is by letting students encounter values in their personal life. We as a renowned boarding school organize many campaigns and events where our students visit various charitable organizations, sports centers, or the art work-shop where they able to interact with individuals and sufferers and accomplish some social works that are based on values, social collaboration and moral ethics. With these activities we usually expose them in an environment where they will be able to understand and experience moral ethics and values.
We Let Children Learn Ethics through Social Collaboration: Society and events going on in a particular stratum impacts a lot to the overall and comprehensive growth of the individual. A society should be a value-driven where every good work should be praised and bad work should be punished. We also follow the same rules there are plenty of processes and techniques where we praise and award individuals who do outstanding performance and thus encouraging others to do so.
We Don’t Force Values we Help Students Live by that: Values and moral ethics couldn’t be forced to an individual it should come spontaneously while he/she is doing her daily activities. All we can do is that train individuals right from the beginning in such a way that they can differentiate their responsibilities and duties while enjoying their rights. For example in our boarding school every individual is encouraged and appreciated to take back their dishes and utensils to the sink after the completion of their meal. We also encourage students to help their juniors and fellow members in getting prepared for morning assembly and other associated activities.
All these activities might seem ridiculous paying attention to, however, it has a huge impact on the personality of an individual at a later stage of the life as these creates a mechanism in their daily-activities  where they get to learn their responsibilities and duties to the community.
Let Children take decisions on moral ethics and values: There come many occasions and events where students lie and conceal the true information. However, as a responsible guardian we need to understand that there must be some issues that might have compelled student to lie and we need to let students ask some questions like why did he lie, what benefits will he be getting out of that lie, what he has learned from the event and what could be the possible consequences of lying. What benefit he would have availed had he told the truth? Simply by creating an atmosphere where he can analyze the lie we are compelling them to make an understanding about the truth and lie. Slowly and steadily he will be able to understand the consequence of the same and realize the value of truth.
Conclusion: There is no doubt that moral ethics and literary knowledge should go hand-in-hand and both of these components should be imbibed right from the initial age of an individual and boarding schools are one of those destinations that help students imbibe both of these qualities and attributes.

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