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How Can Boarding Schools Maintain a Positive Attitude among Children

How Can Boarding Schools Maintain a Positive Attitude among Children

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED February 21, 2024, UPDATED February 21, 2024

The environment of modern boarding schools not only gives education but also looks after children's development of a positive attitude. The characteristics and perspectives of young minds are moulded by boarding schools, which are immersive and communal. These institutions, where students live in the hostels, have a good atmosphere for fostering social skills and positive thoughts. 

SelaQui International School takes every student on a transformative journey that prepares them for the future and provides them with the chance to fulfil adulthood. We try to offer an environment like a home away from home. We put our best foot forward to utilise various ways to maintain a positive attitude among students. 

Positivity and its Impact on Growth

When children are optimistic in life, they have a growth mindset. This attitude allows them to consider the failures as learning opportunities and makes them resilient to obstacles. This attitude helps the children to improve their mental and emotional health, reducing stress and anxiety.

Individual Needs

Each child has a different personality, so it is important to target their specific needs. The importance of parent–school cooperation is significant as the consistent interaction between parents helps to give the children a conducive environment. This makes each child's stay at the boarding school pleasant and enriching, thus resulting in a positive outlook.

Ways to Maintain Positive Attitude among the Children of Boarding School

At SelaQui International School, we dedicatedly work on helping students maintain a positive attitude. Here are a few ways in which to try to keep students motivated and positive throughout their sessions. 

Sense of Belonging and Community

Participation in extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports builds a sense of community. More importantly, these engagements create long-lasting friendships and a sense of belonging. This kind of approach makes boarding schools a place where children develop healthily, emotionally, and socially.

Building Supportive Network

Establishing links with teachers, mentors, and school counsellors gives children a source of advice and someone to talk to. A positive attitude for students is important for comprehensive learning. This network helps them overcome challenges, making them have a positive attitude because they know there is a reliable source of assistance and understanding.


It is imperative to create a surrounding where children can openly express themselves without fearing being judged. A positive environment is created by the regular check-ins and the diverse channels of self-expression, which allow the children to navigate through the challenges with a sense of security.

Create Opportunities for Development

Encouraging children to prepare themselves for the future, engage in community building activities for students, and set goals helps instil a sense of purpose. Adopting a proactive approach to problems builds self-esteem and a positive attitude for them to move forward to personal growth and development.

Celebration of Success

Celebrating and recognising academic, athletic or personal achievements boosts a positive attitude. This realisation inspires the children that they can improve themselves and keep improving.

Incorporate Resilience and Coping Skills

Children build resilience by learning to solve problems, manage stress, and cope effectively. The ability to negotiate, bounce back quickly when they make mistakes, and remain positive, especially in challenging situations, is facilitated by this skill set.

Healthy Lifestyle

Mental health is also affected by promoting healthy behaviour, such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, and enough rest. When priority is given to physical well-being, a positive mindset blooms, and an enabling environment exists for overall development.

Mindfulness Exercises

Meditations and journaling help in raising children's self-awareness. These techniques then prove useful in dealing with stress, developing a positive attitude, and promoting a healthy emotional state.

Positive Environment

Encouraging a positive attitude towards learning is created by means of providing resources and guidance for setting reasonable academic targets, as well as stressing effort rather than just results. This approach directs attention to individual progress instead of grades in an attempt to instil a better approach to education.

Regular Monitoring and Response

This involves checking for signs of anxiety, homesickness, or unusual behaviours. The children receive necessary support from prompt intervention involving relevant staff members, parents, or counsellors, thereby maintaining a positive outlook amidst challenges.

Preparing for Boarding School: Role of a Parent

Choosing a boarding school is a big decision with its ups and downs. It is important for parents to offer unconditional support as their children venture on this journey. This transition may create a combination of excitement and anxiety, thus necessitating the need to consider the experience positively.

Be Positive

Positive sharing, whether based on personal experiences or simply highlighting the benefits associated with boarding schools, boosts optimism. Highlighting the chances for development, knowledge, and discovery creates the right attitude in children, reducing their fears of the forthcoming changes.

Organise and Planning

Making concrete plans to get acquainted with the dorm rooms and dorm mates reduces anxiety and prepares a student for boarding school. Having structured plans and fun activities for students in the classroom that lead up to the boarding experience helps keep the focus in a positive light while adjusting to the transition.

Make them Independent

Teaching children a few responsibilities they'll experience in boarding school makes them independent. Such things as packing and daily chores make them see themselves as self-sufficient persons. They, in turn, ease their adaptation.

Extracurricular Engagement

Children's participation in various extracurricular activities is promoted by highlighting the available options. Involvement in sports, arts and other activities outside the classroom supplements their academic journey and makes for a good and cheerful boarding school experience.

Staying Connected

It is vital to maintain close relationships with children irrespective of the physical distance. Communication through several avenues made by schools provides a means to keep in touch with their lives. The parent-child relationship is reinforced by quality time spent through visitations.

Preserving a Boarding-Like Routine

Transition is made easy by ensuring that aspects of the boarding school routine are maintained at home. Continuity is also important because it encourages adherence to school timings and daily routines, which help children adapt easily to their new environment.

Exercising Self-Control

It is important to recognise and manage parents' emotions. Sending a child to boarding school is an emotional struggle; however, a positive and supportive outlook reaffirms the benefits of an educational experience. Parents find direction during the transition through trusting the chosen institution, such as Selaqui International School.

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SelaQui's Commitment to Positivity

In this light, institutions like Selaqui International School stand out for having been created to provide an environment that promotes positivity. Adopting these strategies will enable a boarding school to become a place of learning, whereby children will not only do well academically but also undergo a phase of personal development.

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