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How to Choose the Best Schools Offering Residential and Boarding Facilities in Dehradun?

How to Choose the Best Schools Offering Residential and Boarding Facilities in Dehradun?

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED April 26, 2019, UPDATED April 26, 2019

Choosing to pursue a boarding education is not an easy and small decision for the parents and their children. The name residential or boarding school is a bit deceiving in itself as it implies that living away from the home is the main distinction. But another way to look at a boarding school is that it’s an immersion into an all-compassing educational setting that offers an entirely different approach to how a student experiences learning and develops socially. The best boarding schools in India entrench students into a community that not only aims to advance their education but also boosts their character development along a path they wish to pursue in future.

So, this is natural that choosing the boarding school should be as multifaceted a process as the unique qualities of a student. When it comes to choosing the top residential school in Dehradun, many options are available.

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If you are just embarking on the boarding school search or you have to yet make the decision, the below list will surely act as a solid starting point for narrowing down the best educational experience:

  • Create a wish list first: Early on in this process of choosing the right boarding school, sit down and make a list of hopes and concerns about the boarding school experience with the child. These factors may include school and class size, cost and financial aids, location, extra-curricular activities, diversity and more. The right boarding school has the power to shape up a student’s future. So, it is always better for the students to consider their long-term goals to make a decision about boarding school.
  • Explore the school’s philosophy: What is the school’s general stance on education? Their mission statement should reflect their values and goals. Take the time to explore the school curriculum, teaching methodology and how the school works to uphold the social and emotional balance? The parents can also get insight into the administration by checking out the curriculum growth opportunities and faculty professional development. The culture between the teaching communities directly reflects the culture created in the school classrooms.
  • Ranking and reviews: What do current and former students think about their education? Do alumni believe that their school has prepared them for the next stages of their lives? What is the student-teacher ratio? and much more. It is always important to consider these factors to get first-hand reviews about the school.
  • Cultural background of students: Sending your child to a boarding school from different cultures and backgrounds could expose them to new languages and lifestyle. This helps to expand their knowledge of the world and foster their experience.
  • Specializations and focus: The best boarding schools across India offer the best programs as a part of curriculum ensuring well-rounded development of the students. Does the school offer wide variety of extra-curricular activities? Do you think your kid will be interested in them? Are there any international partnerships with teachers and schools?

Additional areas of focus include: how does the school communicate with parents throughout the year? Which events and activities they conduct regularly? Does the cafeteria offer options for those with dietary restrictions and more? After narrowing down these factors, one can easily make a choice about the boarding schools that inspire your child to learn.

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