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How’s Life of Students in Boarding School

How’s Life of Students in Boarding School

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED June 19, 2021, UPDATED June 19, 2021

Boarding school admission comes along with a mixed feeling of excitement, new learnings, and nervousness. Where you may be excited to make new friends and explore new possibilities in life, it may be a little overwhelming to part away from your parents and get a fresh start in life. Most students think of boarding schools as an adventure and are prepared to deal with the new challenges and possibilities with positivity and hope.

Let’s have a look at some of the tips and tricks of helping you enjoy your time in a boarding school and get the most of your time away from home.

  • Be Open to New Possibilities: Not only in terms of academics, but you should also be open to new possibilities in making friends, trying out activities, exploring various talents of your personality, etc. This time of boarding school is a precious learning phase of your life which helps you develop various skills and habits for the future.
  • Get The Exposure: Various boarding schools provide the necessary and required exposure to students to explore various facets and talents of their personality, which they might or might not be aware of. The exposure can be international as well as domestic, depending upon the reach and tie-ups of the boarding school.
  • Ground Rules for Dorm Life: In order to smoothly enjoy your dorm or hostel life, discuss rules about cleanliness, studies and decorum. It’s important to form a connection with your roommate. This will affect your ability to focus on schoolwork and enjoy boarding school as well. The idea of hostel life is to make yourself independent and self-resilient. These skills and qualities are very useful in shaping up a person’s personality.
  • Learn To Manage Your Time Efficiently: Boarding school teaches you the skill of managing your time well between academics, sports, socializing and studying. You will also learn to take out time for yourself and your family back at home.
  • Look Out for Optimum Personal Growth: Living away from home and staying on a school campus provides invaluable opportunities for the personal growth of an individual. You tend to develop skills such as time management, work ethics, and independence in an accelerated and guided manner as compared to a day school. You also learn to prioritize various commitments and create a balanced schedule. You should also explore various off-campus opportunities to help your horizons and feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

 What One Must Do Before You Arrive at A Boarding School

The foremost thing to do before arriving at a boarding school is research. Be inquisitive and aware of the various student groups and educative societies of the school and be a part of them. They are a great source of information about the school, the life there and what to expect on arriving. The alumni and seniors in these groups provide adequate support and help to ward off the homesickness and make it easy for you to adjust. They also help you get acquainted with the various activities happening in the school and be an active member of it.

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How To Adjust to The Hostel Life

Hostel life or life after school timings play a major role in a person’s personality development and growth. One should try to find ways and methods of adjusting to the new surroundings with ease and convenience. The most important part here is to know your roommates. Grab meals together and play a sport together. One should not feel shy of asking for things and be open to taking up advice and suggestions from all.

SelaQui International School is the best boarding school in Dehradun, where every day is a chance for each and every student to discover new passions and skills in order to prepare for a future filled with possibilities. We ensure to provide them with a fun-filled, disciplined, educative and secure boarding life at school.

Our students are part of a vibrant, close-knit community of aspirational young people with freedom and independence of their academic goals, well balanced with pursuits outside the classrooms. As a residential schoolSelaQui International School offers an environment for our students to learn about the numerous ethnicities and values, both in lessons and within the boarding houses. The holistic education here is built upon core values of learning, compassion, courage, service, excellence and respect. These values empower young minds to shape their life diligently, confidently and successfully. You can visit our website for more information about the school and our admission process.

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