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Indian Education System Problems and Solutions

Indian Education System Problems and Solutions

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED September 3, 2021, UPDATED September 3, 2021

Indian education system is a famous and renowned education system all across the globe with a curriculum built for the holistic growth and development of students. Our boards and curriculum are built keeping in mind the aspirations and corporate structure of our system. But it has its own share of issues and challenges. Over the years, many of these issues and loopholes have been resolved, but with growing age and time, there are new issues. All these need to be resolved in a quick manner to provide improved and better education to children.                                                                                            

The history of Indian education system goes a long way to the gurukul system and saw a drastic change in all these years. The education system today is divided into four segments, pre-primary, primary, elementary and secondary. This can be followed by higher studies. Let’s see at some of the issues faced by the current education system.

  • Expenditure: With such a vast infrastructure and population in India, more and more funds should be allocated for the betterment of the education system, as per the recent developments and changes. One needs to plan well the expenditure on the better implementation of educational norms and systems.
  • Capacity Utilisation: The governing body should help schools build an infrastructure that is conducive to utilising the maximum capacity of students and boosting their ideas and creativity.
  • Facilities: To give optimum education and opportunities to the students for their holistic growth and development, better infrastructure with various facilities and amenities is required. Digital education is the need of the hour, and all the schools are required to be well-equipped with these amenities.
  • Student-Teacher Ratio: Earlier, most classrooms were filled with too many students per teacher, and this hampered the overall learning of a classroom. Today, many schools are working on this and have adapted a lesser number of student-teacher ratios in a class. This improves the learning of each student and help the teachers to focus on each student easily.

There are some simple solutions that can help in overcoming the problems in the Indian education system.

  • Latest Innovations: Education, like any other field, needs improvisation and innovation. There is a need for all schools and their governing authorities to bring in methods and techniques that are in sync with the latest technologies and developments. This will help the students to cope with the various challenges and do well in future.
  • Quality Of Education: There is a major difference in the education provided in the rural and urban areas of our country. Authentic and string steps should be taken to standardize the quality of education across India. This will help everyone get equal and unbiased knowledge and opportunities to grow and fare well in life.
  • Making Education Affordable: Most of the students in India are not able to receive an education due to lack of funds and fees. There can be seen a major lag of infrastructure in affordable schools and great fee hike in schools with latest the facilities and amenities. There is a need for more such schools in our country that are fulfilling both the required parameters of holistic and promising education.

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