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Is a Boarding School the Right Choice for Your Child?

Is a Boarding School the Right Choice for Your Child?

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED October 20, 2021, UPDATED October 20, 2021

School is an important entity in a child’s life, which comprises various learnings, skill-building, personality enhancement, and character-building techniques. It is a safe place for students, which help them decide that shape their adulthood will be. In the modern Indian education system, schools have a lot more to offer than just education. They aim at creating independent and mature citizens who can contribute well to society.

Choosing whether to send your kid to a boarding school can be a tough decision and should include enough planning and research. A boarding school education has immense potential to impact the learning and psyche of a person. Let’s see at some of the factors that will help your child become a responsible global citizen.

  • Learned, Experienced & Caring Educationists: A boarding school is very careful with the choice of their teachers, working staff and employees. They look in for immensely learned and experienced faculty members, who can contribute not only in academics but also in the overall development of the child. A boarding school believes in the overall development of a child and provides great attention and care towards building that.
  • Provides Sports Exposure & Training: A boarding school is built in a well-planned and strategic manner to provide the students with the best infrastructure and facilities. Sports are an important part of a child’s education and teach them various skills and learnings. Thus, a good boarding school will provide the students with apt sports exposure and training and help them grow their personality holistically.
  • Provides Great Art Programs & Facilities: Theatre, dance, music, fine arts, etc., are an integral part of boarding life. Many schools have magnificent performing arts centres to encourage students to bring their talent and interest to the forefront. If your child is looking for any such opportunity in future, then you must look for a boarding school which is best in this.
  • Experience International Exposure: This also forms an important arena in building up a child’s confidence and personality. The more they are aware of the various cultures and traditions across the globe, the more are the chances for them to outshine others.
  • Enjoy Well-stocked Libraries/Media Centres: Well-established boarding schools have traditional library facilities and media centres, which enable the students to experience a well-read environment in school. These spaces give the required freedom and exposure to the creativity of students. They increase the creative bend of student’s minds and help them grow into sensitive and brilliant beings.

SelaQui International School is amongst the best boarding schools in Dehradun, providing the students with all of this and much more. We are known for our academics, extra-curricular activities, infrastructure, wide exposure to the students, learned faculty and safe and secure premises. For more information about our school and admissions, contact us now or visit our website.

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