Is My Tie Tied Too Tight?

The SeQuin, Sr. No. 3, February, Issue 3

SelaQui International School was established in 2000 and ever since, a Head Girl has been appointed and this year it’s me. I remember people around me making assumptions about why they think I should be appointed and how I used to shake my head in disbelief. While all this was going on, Shreya (psst… that’s the ex-head girl) and I would talk about the challenges she faced. Frankly, the solutions to those problems were simple, almost obvious but now that I’ve stepped into her shoes, I see the complexity of it all. I never fully understood why she thought through things, played a mental movie in her head of causes and effects when the ‘obvious’ solution was glaring her in the face. But, perhaps now I do. It is never so simple. Situations and people are nuanced. Delicate like tea cups, the weight of everyone’s expectations weighed on her shoulders but yet she rose to the occasion. And now, it was my turn! (Yikes)

Change is a powerful word and somehow the word struck me when the badge was placed on my blazer and my tie was handed to me. These past three weeks have taught me so much about people and how systems work. I have been transformed into someone who (now) uses ‘we’ or ‘us’ instead of ‘I’ or ‘me’. My perspective is changing and I hold myself accountable for not just myself. I am slowly trying to understand the implications of being the Head Girl, to understand the gravity of the situation. (It is still a little unreal for me but I guess that’s with every prefect until they deliver a speech!)

I have a dream to take this institution to a higher level, to mold and guide every boy and girl who enters the realms of this place so that when they go out of this 52 acre lush green campus, they go out as young men and women who will have their heads held high with pride, be the torch bearers for the nation and will become leaders who inspire thousands with their personalities.

Wearing the crown of the Head Girl always seemed fascinating to most of (speaking on behalf of the ladies) but to carry the weight of it is what I am learning after the knot was beautifully placed around my neck. With the authority, came many other things -I had to command the crowd, tackle the 8%, and most importantly have in mind that I am always under the scrutiny of the public eye and hence, my conduct must always be exemplary.

These 20 odd days have made me feel on the top of the world and experience great heights. I have been flooded with both bouquets and brickbats in equal measure – but that’s natural. However, I am firm and clear in my vision to maintain the sanctity of the school and be true to its name. I hope I will be able inspire the ladies to carry and conduct themselves better, to be kind and courteous, to be self motivated and disciplined, to be… gagging

Or wait…is my tie tied too tight?

Let’s hope for the best!

— Kishika Arora

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