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Know About the Well-Equipped Infrastructure and Facilities at Selaqui International School, Dehradun

Know About the Well-Equipped Infrastructure and Facilities at Selaqui International School, Dehradun

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED May 18, 2022, UPDATED May 18, 2022

A boarding school is where students and teachers live and spend most of their time learning and grooming themselves to attain overall development. Because of the environment provided to the children, these schools are better prepared, advanced, and unique than day schools and other traditional schools.

SelaQui is one of Dehradun’s premier boarding schools and the best girls boarding school in India, giving every comfort and facility to its pupils within modern and practical parameters.

Our campus is one of the most enjoyable places to visit. The stables, gorgeous horses, and various other animals on the school’s farm are located across the street from the campus. You can hear collective laughter, voices chatting, and children learning as you walk further. So let us give you a glimpse of our campus.

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Our well-equipped infrastructure and world-class facilities

Our location

SelaQui International School provides fewer distractions for youngsters because they are kept away from the bustle of city life. Moreover, our pupils cannot engage in any hazardous activities or habits. This way, they can focus more on school activities.

Best teaching methods

The institution has everything necessary to assist students in critical thinking and knowledge enhancement. We use the most cutting-edge and immersive teaching methods. We strive to develop our students’ abilities, intellectual understanding, and confidence while emphasising the importance of fostering positive, optimistic thoughts and attitudes in them.

Safety and well being of girl students

Parents’ primary worry for their daughters is their safety and security. So here are some of the vital facilities that we offer for the well being of our girls on our campus, which makes us the best girls boarding school in India.

  • Parents choose us as a boarding school for their daughters. We offer good cleanliness because a healthy mind and body are necessary to concentrate on academics and other activities.
  • Our wardens and boarding school employees include well-behaved female workers who can adequately care for girls.
  • We offer a high level of protection on and around the campus round the clock.

Modern boarding facilities

At SelaQui, students have access to various facilities, such as a group study area, a computer learning classroom, and recreational reading areas with different popular novels, magazines, and newspapers.

Tech power

To improve the level of knowledge and facilitate the syllabi, we have innovative classes equipped with the newest instructional technologies. In addition, smart classrooms provide elements like audio/video demonstrations and support for teaching personnel throughout lessons.

Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are available at the school for the child’s overall development. Indoor and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, horseback riding, and exercises such as yoga, meditation, taekwondo, karate practice, and student training sessions are included in the curriculum.

In addition, students can participate in badminton, volleyball, basketball, and cricket to improve their general health. A small auditorium is available to support inter-house literary events and other school competitions.

A co-ed system

Boys and girls study at the same time in our co-ed residential school. The advantages of attending a co-ed boarding school are numerous, as it fosters a sense of belonging, command, and responsibility in both genders.

Our remarkable infrastructure

  • The building’s layout and the extensive and elegant landscaping blend in seamlessly with the surroundings, enhancing the school’s peaceful and learning environment.
  • The school’s philosophy emphasises tradition, which is reflected in the building, keeping with the local architectural tradition.
  • The classrooms are light and open, with a square layout and chamfered corners. Natural lighting and displays are available in every classroom.
  • The school has computer science, physics, chemistry, and biology labs. Aside from the working area, there is also a technician’s space, a preparation room, and a store.
  • The library is located at an easily accessible point and has a sitting arrangement for 40-45 students with several stacks of books.
  • Cricket, football, hockey, lawn tennis, horseback riding, squash, swimming pool, basketball, and volleyball are all available on campus.
  • To meet the medical needs of the children, the school includes a well-equipped ten-bed Infirmary with separate accommodations for boys and girls and an isolated air-conditioned ward.

SelaQui: Striving for excellence

SelaQui International School is committed to providing kids with the best academic resources and a nurturing environment to learn. The institution has everything necessary to assist students in critical thinking and knowledge enhancement.

The trained faculty uses creative and hands-on teaching approaches to provide lifelong learning. Moreover, as the best girls boarding school in India, we strive to provide a safe and well-equipped learning environment for our girl students.

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