Let’s Get Back in the Flow

Summers! The culmination of everything hot, humid and all that falls in between those lines. We, at the SeQuin, welcome you back to our beloved 52 acres of lush green campus after a month and a half of sweltering heat, ice creams, pool parties, visiting relatives, night outs and much more. (The lucky ones got the ‘Foreign Trip’).

We’ll not be assessing the type of things that we all might have done in these 40-45 days in detail. Like what’s the point of talking about the ‘nani ke ghar…’ tales every time we come back and meet one another. Let us not commemorate what we all have done repetitively in our life gone by, and begin thinking of what we have to do and get back to the things that have been happening at the place where you come back to ultimately. Yeah, I am talking about school. We know it’s hard for one to just leave their parents and come to a place foreign to them. But cheers to the newbies, who had joined us in April and have joined us post vacations, you are the ones on the task.

Talking of getting the hang of things, we should all not forget about the term that has gone by. Way more than handful inter-house competitions were witnessed and enjoyed by every SeQuin. The holidays have given the school a new dress, I mean it got renovated, classes were whitewashed and painted. Our new senior master Dr. Col. Atul Bhandari is now in full control, so you better have those haircuts done and nails trimmed already! A new math teacher has joined us on the expedition to glory (psst… our team has done some talking with him in the latter part of this issue).

This term has got a lot waiting for us already. Along with some confidence and courage, class 12 has been gifted the Monday Board Pattern Tests. We hope they cruise through it smoothly (applicable to only the toppers out there, the rest of us are bare feet on a bicycle with flat tires). Several inter-house competitions are pre-scheduled for the term, not forgetting the big thing, Founder’s Day awaits us at the end of the term.

— Kartikeya Puri and Vansh Jain

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