More rural, women students have cleared JEE this time, claims CBSE

Faced with widespread criticism of the normalization method in JEE Mains, CBSE has now claimed that due to the new pattern, representation of students from rural backgrounds as well as of girl students has shown remarkable improvement.

In 2013, there were 136 students with rural background among the top thousand rankers. In 2012, there were only 90 students from rural India. Urban student representation went down to 864 this year from 910 in 2012. Rural representation also showed gradual growth among first two, three and four thousand rank holders. Among the top 5,000 rankers, there were 861 students from rural background. In percentage terms, 17.22% students among the top 5,000 were from rural India compared to 13.4% last year. Urban representation among the top 5000 came down to 82.78% in 2013 from 86.6% last year.

Female students, CBSE figures showed, increased their presence among the toppers. This year, among the top thousand rankers, there were 136 female students, and 749 among the top 5,000 rankers. Male representation among the top thousand rankers came down to 864 (86.4%) in 2013 compared to 904 (90.4%) last year and 924 (92.4%) in 2011.

Students from government schools are also beginning to make a slow but steady presence among the top rankers. But the rate is slower. Last year, 89 government school students were in the first one thousand. In 2013, it went up to 117. In the top 5,000, there were 624 students from government school background, up from last year’s 545. Private school students continue to dominate. This year, of the first one thousand rankers, 883 students were from private schools, a marginal decline from last year’s 911.

Meanwhile, the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, which had put out a detailed story about the evolution of normalization method, removed the link from its website under pressure from the HRD ministry. But the damage was done as the link has been downloaded and is all over social media sites.

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