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One of The Co-Ed Boarding Schools For Overall Development

One of The Co-Ed Boarding Schools For Overall Development

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED April 14, 2022, UPDATED April 14, 2022

Every child has the right to study and gain education with professional help. However, not all schools are able to offer the overall development of little kids. But, our team from SelaQui International School is your one-stop solution to help improve co-ed education and take it to the next level. It will help little girls to shape up their careers well. Noted as one top-notch co-ed boarding school, we have a noteworthy international institution to train the little ones to help prepare for a bright future ahead, even on the global ground.

More about the boarding school:

Our centre, SelaQui International School, is situated in the idyllic village of Uttarakhand. It is an international boarding school for both girls and boys, which is situated on an expansive campus of around 52 acres of land.

  • Our institution is affiliated with the CBSE board and will provide the perfect setting for that holistic and experiential education.
  • The primary vision of our institution is to highlight a commitment to excellence, values and leadership.
  • It is always at the forefront of all comprehensive practices. That’s why SelaQui International School is ranked as one of the top co-ed boarding schools in India all over Uttarakhand.

The best centre for your little kids

Our school is known for enhancing the international student community from more than 15 countries and even 25 states of India. It is considered to be one of the major boarding schools where you can enrol your little kids. This centre provides the best girls’ education to help them work hand in hand within the male-centric society later in life.

  • This international school will offer all kinds of opportunities that a student needs to excel in his chosen field. All of them will be encouraged to set goals for themselves and map up the curriculum accordingly.
  • The Harkness table method and the goal-setting practice are some of the unique practices that we perform at our international co-ed boarding school.
  • The curriculum over here is designed to be around communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, citizenship, character and all the other activities which are subjected to this field.
  • It is considered to be a student-centric and multi-dimensional school, which will place programs and opportunities to help learn beyond closed confinements and textbooks.
  • The primary aim of our co-ed boarding school is to help students attain excellence in the field of education.
  • This centre further helps in nurturing and developing the student to help serve the nation when the right time comes.
  • This education institute will foster the development of the noble and the compassionate individual as the main call of action around here.

Inspiring some of the young minds:

Our school is all set to inspire some young minds to help develop true potential. For that, we will offer a first-class educational experience within the context of that intellectual and culturally creative community. The main aim of our school is to inspire students, especially girls to help develop life-long learning within the perfect community.

We are known to offer some unique educational techniques, which will present little kids with the emotional knowledge they need along with the interpersonal skills to lead successful and purposeful lives. All the kids are well encouraged to work on their aesthetic sensibilities and creative skills to comprehend, appreciate and even contribute to the future world.

Enrol your little kids now:

So, join our SelaQui International School as one of the best boarding schools in India right away! We help in creating an environment where the students will learn about various values and ethnicities and not just focus on the bookish knowledge. Our centre will always support one another, whether academic, emotional or physical. The main goal of our well-trained faculty members is to push students to focus on their boundaries and to learn some new skills. Your little ones get the chance to develop relationships as well! So, enrol your little one right now!

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