Get Your Future Ready with Resonance-Gurukul Integrated Program

India is poised to become one of the largest economies of the world and it owes much of its success to the prevailing education system that has the potential to create meritorious students that could add some value to the society a whole. However, with growing number of aspirants and students it is important for students to get themselves ready to meet the ever-changing field of education.

Keeping all these facts in mind SelaQui Education in association with education giant Resonance has come-up with a unique school integrated residential program “Resonance Gurukul” designed to meet the challenges of ever-demanding Indian society. It would not only enable students to do well at the competitive exams, but also at the school board examinations, now an integral and essential component of success and high ranks in the competition.

The goal of the initiative is to help students assimilate new pattern of entrance exams not just for the knowledge but shall extend to understanding of the fundamental concepts and applications of pure science and mathematics.

The course is being designed by a team of experienced and eminent teachers having several years of experience with reputed brands across the country and every effort has been made to ensure that students ‘know’, ‘understand’ and apply these in unfamiliar and unpredictable real life situations.

In the boarding environment at SelaQui, Teachers stay on the campus along with students and are therefore, available to students 24×7. Students are supported not just in studies but are nurtured in every possible way; intellectual, academic, physical and spiritual. Guided studies in the evening ensure that every student is engaged and supported.

We believe that learning is a journey and assessments are its integral and essential milestones. Every assessment informs the students and teachers of their present status and helps in charting the course ahead. Teachers work together with the students in covering these gaps.

Finally, it is important that every student develops and blossoms to his/her potential. Resonance Gurukul program design will ensure that a much larger number succeeds and those who do not, will surely make it good otherwise – for the skills and values they imbibe while at Resonance Gurukul at SelaQui will carry on with them throughout life.

Some of the salient features of this course are:

  • Intensive interactive learning environment.
  • Topic wise assignments graded for different difficulty levels.
  • Solving Comprehensive assignments & Daily practice of multi-concept problems – Refines and reinforces problem skills.
  • Cumulative tests that continually monitor student performance.
  • A progressive preparation for the examination.

SelaQui International School & Resonance all set to initiate an Elite, Integrated Two Year Residential Program for Medical Aspirants

We are delighted to announce that Resonance, one of the leading institutes in the field of education has entered into a partnership with SelaQui International School, to offer Resonance Gurukul, a program for super-achievers. With this our aim is to impart quality education to students and aspirants who are doing preparation for competitive exams for Engineering and Medical such as NEET/AIPMT etc. The course to be offered is one of its types to synchronize formal school education/Board Exams with competitive preparatory courses under one roof.

With the introduction of 6 AIIMs like institutions and planning of introduction of 100 more medical colleges, there has been a rapid increase in student’s interest towards medical career and enhanced chances of success in medical entrance examinations.

Looking at today’s scenario changing consistently, the current changes being introduced in the world of Competitive Exam preparation, Integrated Learning Approach is a boon for students as they can achieve success in Competitive Examination as well as Board / School Examination.

Salient Features of Resonance NEET Program

  • The program is launched in association with Resonance (one of the leading educational institutes)
  • The program is aimed at synchronizing formal school education/Board Exams with competitive preparatory courses under one roof.
  • This saves ample time for self-study and ultimately leads to crystal clear clarity of concepts.
  • This program is well in line with the revised NEET pattern
  • Students and aspirants can enroll for the course through Online Application Form
  • ·To apply online visit the web page

 In such a case, we would like to ensure that our students are the biggest beneficiaries in the era of consistently and rapidly changing trends in education. On realizing the needs of our students in present times and considering regular requests from parents, we are providing an opportunity to students who want to choose medicine as their career option.

Karnataka Records Best SSLC, Pre University Results

 In a latest move in the Indian Education Sector, the results of the 2013 Secondary School Leaving (SSLC) exams, declared on Monday, are the best yet with a total pass percentage of 77.47., an increase of 1.34 percentage points over last year’s 76.13. According to the sources around 8.36 lakh students wrote the examination and 6.47 lakh have successfully passed the examination.

While addressing media professionals and experts Director of the Karnataka Secondary Education and Examination Board (KSEEB) D. Venkateshiah said, “This is the highest SSLC pass percentage so far. We have been beating our own records over the past two years.”

Some Peculiar Facts about the Results:

  • As usual, girls have outperformed boys. While the overall pass percentage of girls stands at 82.29, it is 73.25 per cent for boys.
  • Rural areas have fared better than urban areas, with pass percentages of 82.83 and 78.41 respectively.
  • Sudhindra M.S. from Vijaya High School, Bangalore, scored 622 marks out of 625 to clinch the top spot
  • The second spot is shared by three students, while the third spot is shared by five students.
  • The number of students who wrote the exams were also 16,000 more than in 2012
  • While the pass percentage for regular students stood highest at 69.41, repeaters had a pass percentage of 24.83 while 29.98 per cent of external candidates passed.
  • Udupi educational district toppled Mangalore from its top position with a pass percentage of 92.72.
  • Mangalore stands second this time with 91.76 per cent, followed by Karwar (82.97 per cent), Kodagu (80.83 per cent) and Chikmagalur (78.02 per cent)
  • Yadgir remained at the bottom of the table (31st position) with a meagre 46.02 per cent.
  • Bangalore south, north and rural stood ninth, tenth and 11th respectively, followed by Mysore at 12th position

Source: The Hindu


CAT 2013 Dates Announced

In a latest development in the field of Indian Education System, this year’s Common Admission Test (CAT) is going to be held soon. According to the testing agency, Prometric India, the exam will be conducted over a period of 20 days. Students can collect the vouchers for the test at selected Axis Bank branches from 29 July to 24 September 2013. The registration window for the same will remain open from 29 July to 26 September 2013.

According to the reports from the testing agency the test that holds the key to the most prestigious B-schools will witness four new testing locations this year increasing the number of test locations to 40. Four new testing centers that are included in this year are:

  • Surat
  • Udaipur
  • Trivandrum
  • Vijayawada

While detailing about the test, Soumitra Roy, MD, for Prometric India said “These four new locations will offer greater flexibility and ease to candidates while scheduling their appointments.

This year’s Common Admission Test (CAT) will be conducted from October 11, 2012 to November 6, 2012. CAT 2012 will be coordinated by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode on behalf of Indian Institutes of Management.

Exploring Scopes and Careers in Hotel Management Industry

Airline Industry: One of the career options that are gaining huge traction among students of hospitality and tourism is the Airline Industry. The field is particularly preferred by female aspirants as clients are looking for female candidates more than their counterparts. After the completion of the hotel management course aspirants can join as Flight attendant and Air Hostess. However, the field is not confined to this rather aspirants can also join the industry as Public Relationship officer or ground staff. The remuneration and perks offered in this industry is pretty appealing and aspirants equipped with adequate knowledge and eligible traits could expect a starting salary of 20 to 25k. The figure may go up for international airlines and they could expect a remuneration of 50 to 70k.

Hotels: With the advent of globalization and liberalization the whole world has shrunk into a global village and doing business has become very convenient and easy with it. However, one of the challenges for these businesses is the accommodation of their visitors and guests. Here comes the need of a hotel that offers favorable and welcoming experience to their guests. After the completion of the course in hotel and hospitality industry people could find jobs in reputed hotels like Taj, Oberoi and Welcome. Asides, aspirants can expect jobs in various international chains like Hyatt, Sheraton and many more.

Some of the important department where aspirants and students could find jobs is:

  • Front Office,
  • House Keeping,
  • Food and Beverage Service
  • Food Production
  • Floor management
  • Food quality control department

Compared to Airline industry the range of salary and remuneration is a bit low still is the best platform to start off your career. Aspirants and students could expect 10-15K initially which is bound to go up within a year depending on the skills and mindset of the person.

Retail Sector: These days’ people and individuals invest a considerable part of their time in places like Malls, PVR, Hospitals, BPO and other recreation facilities. It is important for these organizations to offer the best possible experience to their customers and visitors and hence is always in search of professionals who are from the field of hospitality and tourism.

Teaching: Teaching is another option that people are left with as there are number of colleges and institutes that are willing to hire individuals who could impart quality education to students and aspirants. These individuals are open to join IHMs or private colleges after the completion of their course. These individuals can expect a salary of 10k initially which reaches up to 30k depending on the skills and expertise of the individual.

Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurship is one of the best: Another option that is available with these students is Entrepreneurship in which they can start their own chains of restaurants and hotels. They can also organize themed parties depending on the requirements of their clients.

Some Top Business Management Schools

Harvard Business School

Based at: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Important Facts about Harvard:

Harvard Business School has been the hotbed of entrepreneurial activities and has given some brilliant students in the field of business and entrepreneurship. The University boasts to have offered more than 65 CEOs that are in the list of Fortune 500 companies.

The University is well-known for imparting quality education to students and developing and nurturing following traits in an individual:

  • Confidence
  • Solid Work Experience
  • Personal Drive
  • International outlook
  • Team Players
  • Good Communicator
  • High intellectual capacity

Some of the important personalities that the University has offered to the society are:

  • Theodore Roosevelt (Nobel Laureate)
  • Philip W. Anderson (Nobel Laureate in Physics)
  • Percy W. Bridgman (Nobel Prize winner in Physics)
  • Ralph Bunche (Nobel Peace Prize winner)


Stanford Graduate School of Business

Based at: Stanford, California, United States

Important Facts about Stanford: The University has emerged as one of the top most business colleges in the world and is widely recognized and known for the quality of education that it imparts to students.

The University is committed to nurturing following traits in an individual:

  • High Intellectual thinking
  • Robust decision making capability
  • Thinking out of the box attitude
  • A go-getter
  • Entrepreneurial attitude


University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

Based at:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Some Important Facts about University of Pennsylvania, Wharton: The business school is widely recognized and known for its entrepreneurial environment. The College is considered as the King of Business Schools and hence is the dream of every student willing to carve a niche in the field of business and trade.

The popularity and strength of the University could be understood with the fact that Even with Wall Street in decline, more than 40% of Wharton’s Class of 2012 headed into the financial services industry, up from 38.5 per cent a year earlier.

London Business School

Based at: Regents Park, London United Kingdom

Some Facts about LBS:

A business School situated in the capital city of United Kingdom is the only business school that offer MSc Program in the field of business management and administration. The main aim of the University is to offer quality education to help them grow as a successful entrepreneur in the future.

Columbia Business School

Based at: Manhattan, New York, United States

Facts about the University: The University is widely known for its sound infrastructure and quality pool of professors. Getting a degree in the field of business and management is one of the dreams that every students wonder about.

Iese Business School

Based at:  Barcelona and Madrid, Spain, Europe

Fact about the University: The University is known for its quality education and sound infrastructure and is committed in building and nurturing entrepreneurial attitudes in individuals.

Hong Kong UST Business School

Based at:  Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Facts about the University: The University is widely known for its favorable environment in nurturing business attitude in individuals.


MIT: Sloan

Based at: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Facts about the University: The University is listed at the top of the business colleges in the world and is widely known for the quality of education that it imparts to students and aspirants.


University of Chicago

Based at: Chicago, Illinois, United States



Some Important Steps to Become a Successful Computer Engineer

Computer and Internet have penetrated almost every sphere of life and much of the success of an individual depends on the efficiency and capability of IT department. Viewing the growing demand of computer and IT professionals, students are rushing on to grab the opportunities available in this sector.  When we talk about computer and IT career “Computer Engineer” is one of the sought after career options for students. With this article we have come-up with certain facts that could help students become a successful Computer Engineer.

Start your preparation from high school itself

When we talk about duties of computer engineer it includes evaluating, designing and manufacturing the software and hardware component of a computer system. Individual having a degree in the field of computer engineering could find a position in various sectors like manufacturing, consumer goods, defense, communication and healthcare. Students keen to develop a career in the field of Computer Engineering should start their preparation right from the school days. They should put extra effort in courseware like Calculus, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Students need to know that this is the foundation on which their rest of the career is going to be built and hence should clear their concepts and assimilate the knowledge thoroughly.

Earn a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

This is the second milestone that students need to achieve. It is the degree course that equips and empowers individuals with basic understanding of computer, computer related parts, decision making and problem solving skills. All we can say that it equips students with relevant and pertinent knowledge to land an entry level job. Some of the important modules covered in during this phase are:

  • Databases
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Programming
  • Software Designing
  • Network designing
  • Digital circuit designing


Go for an Internship

One of the most effective tools to get relevant experience is Internship. An internship may last for 2-4 months and equip students with relevant practical knowledge. Many firms offer internships after the first or second year of undergraduate studies and equip themselves with relevant industry norms. This is the only phase in which students should start interacting with potential employers to get them absorbed in the industry.

Go for higher education:

The field of computer science is a dynamic one and it keep on changing and updating. Viewing its dynamic nature it is important for students to keep them updated with every development in this field. This can be accomplished by obtaining Masters of Science in Computer Engineering or a Doctorate in Computer Engineering. With this degree students will be able to specialize themselves in various areas of computer science like:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Operating system & its Functioning
  • Computer User Interface designer and Developer

Computer Engineering is one of the most lucrative career options available these days for students and aspirants however, at the same time they should make it clear that it is a very challenging and demanding career options that requires huge investment of time, energy and  resources.

Some Top Management Colleges in India

Business management is one of the most preferred professional courses that are gaining traction these days. Students and aspirants are working hard to get into these colleges. This is not without reason that students are rushing on to grab the opportunity that the field embrace. After India became the signatory of WTO and Liberalization multinationals companies are starting their operation in India and are looking for people and individuals who could manage their business related activities and affairs. There are plenty of opportunities available these days for those people who are willing to carve a niche in the field of management and entrepreneurship.

However, with the growing demand of MBA professionals plenty of institutes and organizations have mushroomed-up in last few years that claim to be a renowned institute in the respective field. With this article our main aim is to help people know those institutes and colleges that are worth considering and can be tried upon.

Indian Institute of Management (IIMs): With quality education, acclaimed and talented faculty members and sound infrastructure, Indian Institute of managements (IIMs) have emerged as one of the most renowned business colleges not only in India but also in the whole world. These colleges have provided a good boost to India’s management education and once passed out people could expect a bright career ahead in the corporate world. Important IIMs in India are:

  • Indian institute of Management Ahmedabad
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
  • Indian Institute of management Lucknow
  • Indian institute of Management Indore

Xaviers Labour Relation Institute: With well-equipped teaching force and sound infrastructure the institute has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for people seeking a lucrative career in the field of business management.

One of the renowned private graduate business school the main campus of the College is based at Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. Established in the year of 1949 the college is known as one of the best destinations for those seeking to create a destination in the field of business management.

Some of the courses offered by the institute are:

  • Full-time 2 year post graduate program in Business Management
  • Full-time 2 year post graduate program in Personnel Management and Industry affairs
  • 1 year full-time General Management program (GMP)

Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University (FMS) (New Delhi): Commonly called as FMS, Faculty of Management Studies is one of the renowned names in the field of business management and corporate affairs. Faculty of management studies or FMS was the first business school in India which started offering a Full Time MBA program. The institute is well-known for its well-equipped infrastructure and sound teaching methodology.

The address for the University is:

Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi


Delhi – 110007

Contact: +91 11 2766 6382 / 6387 / 6388

SelaQui Institute of Management (SIM): In last few years the institute has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for students and aspirants looking for quality education sound traini8ng in the field of business and business related affairs.

Some of the courses offered by the institute are:

  • Master in Business Administration (Marketing)
  • Master in Business Administration (Finance)
  • Master in Business administration (Human resource)
  • MBA in Infrastructure & Urban Governance
  • MBA in Educational Management & Leadership (EML)


Scopes and Opportunities in the field of Clinical Research

Clinical Research also called as Drug Development is one of the most sought after career opportunities that are gaining huge traction these days among students and aspirants. With the advent of liberalization India is poised to become one of the most preferred destinations for drug companies that are willing to develop and market drugs. With this article our main aim is to help students gain relevant knowledge and insights about Clinical Research and its career aspects.

What is Clinical Research?

Clinical research is a branch of medical science by means of which the safety and efficacy of a drug, diagnostic product, device and medications are determined. Many a times Clinical Research is interchangeably used with Clinical Practice which is not true. Clinical Practice has nothing to do with Clinical Research as Clinical Research is a vast field where a drug is developed, created and marketed to cure a particular disease. The outcome or product of the clinical research could then be used for prevention, treatment, diagnosis or for relieving symptoms of a disease.

Phases in Clinical Research

The process of Clinical Research involves a number of phases like, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV.

Phase I: This is the first step in the overall process of Clinical research where the salt or the drug candidate is introduced in the body of healthy volunteers called as Subjects. The main aim of the process is to determine the “Safety” of the drug in human body. The parameters used in this phase include pharmacodynamics, bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of the drug. The impact of the drug in various organs of the body is also determined in this phase and is considered as one of the crucial phases and much of the success of the drug depends on it only.

Phase II: This is the second step in the overall process of drug development in which the drug candidate is introduced in limited number of patients to assess the efficacy of the drug. In this step subjects will have to be patients as this is the only phase that determines how effective a particular drug is.

Phase III: This is the third stage in the process of drug development in which the drug is exposed to a large number of patients with different genetic composition, and morphological variance. Most of the time phase III study is multi-centric, randomized and placebo controlled.

Phase IV: Phase IV is the last stage of the process and is also called as Post-Marketing Surveillance where the performance, safety and efficacy of the drug is monitored after it is being introduced in the market. Any adverse reaction case pertaining to the drug should promptly be reported to the respective regulatory authority and appropriate measures need to be taken to ensure safety.

Eligibility to get into the field of Clinical Research:

The field is a perfect fit for those individuals who are undergraduates and postgraduates degree holders in the Life Sciences, including molecular biology, bio-chemistry, physiology, biotechnology, bio-informatics and nursing. However, there are some scopes for non-life-science graduates as well like students with majors in statistics, mathematics and computer science. These non-biologists could excel in the field of bio-statistics, Data Management and others.

Career Opportunities: There are plenty of opportunities available after the completion of the course and candidates could expect a handsome salary and lucrative pay-packages once absorbed in the industry. Some of the important positions available are:

  • Clinical Research Executive (CRE)
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Clinical Data Manager (CDM)
  • Quality Assurance Analyst (QAA)
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Site Management Executive
  • Site Monitoring Executive
  • Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)
  • Clinical Research Associate (CRA)
  • Senior CRA
  • Clinical Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Manager –Safety / Patents
  • Manager Medical & Regulatory
  •  Manager Quality Assurance
  • Associate Director –Clinical
  • Associate Director –Projects
  • Medical Director
  •  Director –Business Development
  • Director / Head (Clinical Operations)
  • General Manger / CEO / President

Some Opportunities in the Data Management Field

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Data Manager
  • Data Validation Executive
  • Statistician
  • QA Manager
  • Data Base Designer
  • Medical Writer
  • Statistical Programmer
  • Data Reviewer
  • Head –Data Management

Some Important Recruiters and companies in this field are:

  • Pfizer
  • Eli-Lilly
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Novo Nordics
  • Astra Zeneca
  • GlaxoSmithKline Beecham
  • Ranbaxy
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratory
  • Bio-gen Idec
  • Biocon
  • Nicholas Piramal,

 Some Important Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) that absorb Individuals are:

  • Quintiles
  • Icon International
  • Manipal Acunova
  • Clintec
  • Paraxel
  • Accenture
  • Paragon

 Some important hospitals that recruit these individuals are:

  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Bangalore Diabetes Hospital
  • M S Ramiah Memorial Hospital

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