Today, we live in exponential times, where products and services often become obsolete overnight and one is competing with innovations and startups by 15-year-olds and the likes of Tanmay Bakshis who are getting hired at the wise age of ’13’ by Google with 66 lakh pay package! Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Fourth Industrial Revolution is a digital revolution that brings together digital, physical and biological systems. The interplay between fields like nanotechnology, 3D Printing, coding, computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Augmented Reality will create realities that were previously unthinkable. Data and technology will overwhelm us. This will bring change at a speed, scale, and force, unlike anything we have experienced before. It will affect the very essence of our human existence. The predic-tion of five million jobs lost to technology by 2020 is serious.

The First Industrial Revolution brought mechanical innovations like the steam engine, cotton-spinning and railroads. With the Second Industrial Revolution came mass production through assembly lines and electrification. The third Industrial Revolution brought mainframe computers, personal computing and the internet to the fore. Now, at the onset of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the questions we need to ask ourselves are ‘What do we need to know to prepare ourselves for jobs that don’t yet exist? How can college prepare you to thrive in an uncertain future? How are we going to deal with this disruption, joblessness, and uncer-tainty?’

Be that as it may, the fourth Industrial Revolution calls for a paradigm shift in the approach to career planning. Gone are the days when you ask a child what they will be when they grow up. It is time to ask them what they enjoy doing. World Economic Forum has compiled a list of ten ‘skills’ which will help in facing the challenges thrown by the new technology. As Artificial Intelligence begins to impact the workforce and automa-tion replaces some existing jobs, there is an increased need for skills like creativity, curiosity, adaptability, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and communicating ef-fectively for a smooth transition. The top ten in-demand jobs in 2010 did not even exist in 2004. One must strive for developing skills for the jobs that have not been created yet, for technologies that have not been invented, to solve problems that have not yet been anticipated. We have to create a space which enables people to think creatively, to come up with divergent ideas and be innovative. Ken Robinson, in his famous Ted Talk on education, has remarked that “creativity is as important as literacy”

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. While new technology may cause the disruption of some jobs, it will also create many new jobs, some of which we can’t even imagine today. While technology may wipe out many jobs as predicted, it will end up opening new avenues too. If automation and computers have replaced humans, they have also increased the demand for computer-based work and created new jobs related to developing, coding, and programming computers. If we prepare ourselves well and embrace the changes, it will open up infinite opportunities for us. The extent of these opportunities could not have been fathomed two or three decades ago.

So to answer the question: what is coming around the bend?

You have W.B. Yeats, whispering to you
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand

Is It?

— Hina Sharif Khan

The Great SeQuin Kick-off Season

One of the greatest coincidences in the history of our school,
would be football season kicking off with the FIFA World Cup
with the Inter-house Soccer Tournament. With the fever hitting
anyone and everyone on campus, the symptoms would include:
a. Not leaving your dorms without a pair of studs and stockings
(Even during the academic hours).
b. Being crazy enough to play in the rain with water up to your knees and then
going on to visit the infirmary later that night.
c. An increased sense of house spirit (With some losing their voice and others the ability to walk without a limp).
d. Repeating steps a. through c.

Dedication of the teams was showcased in their early morning sessions. Ignorant of the dark or the rain, we witnessed dedication that moves mountains. Dribbling all the way, showing their skills, passing, running, building up their stamina, the players geared up to give the school a show of a lifetime (and indeed they did!).

All the players worked hard to win the Inter-house soccer trophy. Won by The Agnians last year, the four houses, claws sharp and teeth bared set to snatch all the glory. There was a lot of action and surprises throughout the event. At the end of the competition, The Prithviites in a claim to their former glory emerged as the winners.

— Kartikeya Puri and Arsalan Shamim Imam


3rd May, 2018. Terminal 3, IGI Airport, the stage was set for our departure to THE US of A.

The excitement was racing in my veins. The ticket to Boston was in my hand and the plane was about to take off. Within 20 hours, we were in Massachusetts. Going to a place that great gives me the chills even now. The first location that was to be explored was… HARVARD UNIVERSITY. We were guided by Noah (our tour guide), who gave us hints of some mysterious incidents that the place had seen in the past.

To maintain the momentum of the trip we opted to go to MIT the following day. The science geeks had proven themselves yet again. They had a roller coaster in their backyard and a cop’s car on the top of the building. Who says science guys aren’t cool?

After looking at places which ask of great academic results, you need some self-confidence and relaxation. Guess what? We went to the Niagara Falls and also saw the ‘scrapers of Manhattan. Relaxation done, it was now time for gaining some self-confidence. For that, we reached main destination of our expedition. On 11th May we entered the gates of NASA for the “Space Pass Program”. The two-day long program included a guided tour of the NASA launching and manufacturing facility and attending various presentations based on the past expeditions and on the ones that are planned for the future.

Education was now over for the trip. Now was the time to do some fun. Universal Studios was what we had in the plan to make the trip perfect. This marked the end of our stay in the United States of America. The trip will never be forgotten, it had everything that you could have, and in good company.

— Pragyan Rajkhowa

Let’s Get Back in the Flow

Summers! The culmination of everything hot, humid and all that falls in between those lines. We, at the SeQuin, welcome you back to our beloved 52 acres of lush green campus after a month and a half of sweltering heat, ice creams, pool parties, visiting relatives, night outs and much more. (The lucky ones got the ‘Foreign Trip’).

We’ll not be assessing the type of things that we all might have done in these 40-45 days in detail. Like what’s the point of talking about the ‘nani ke ghar…’ tales every time we come back and meet one another. Let us not commemorate what we all have done repetitively in our life gone by, and begin thinking of what we have to do and get back to the things that have been happening at the place where you come back to ultimately. Yeah, I am talking about school. We know it’s hard for one to just leave their parents and come to a place foreign to them. But cheers to the newbies, who had joined us in April and have joined us post vacations, you are the ones on the task.

Talking of getting the hang of things, we should all not forget about the term that has gone by. Way more than handful inter-house competitions were witnessed and enjoyed by every SeQuin. The holidays have given the school a new dress, I mean it got renovated, classes were whitewashed and painted. Our new senior master Dr. Col. Atul Bhandari is now in full control, so you better have those haircuts done and nails trimmed already! A new math teacher has joined us on the expedition to glory (psst… our team has done some talking with him in the latter part of this issue).

This term has got a lot waiting for us already. Along with some confidence and courage, class 12 has been gifted the Monday Board Pattern Tests. We hope they cruise through it smoothly (applicable to only the toppers out there, the rest of us are bare feet on a bicycle with flat tires). Several inter-house competitions are pre-scheduled for the term, not forgetting the big thing, Founder’s Day awaits us at the end of the term.

— Kartikeya Puri and Vansh Jain

SelaQui International School shines in CBSE Board exams

Students of SelaQui International School created a new School record in the class 12th CBSE exams that were declared on Saturday. The batch of 2017-18 improved on the school record by 4%. Lipi Koyu of humanities stream not only topped the school but also created a new school record by scoring 97%. The results of humanities stream aggregated an average of 89.2%. More than 85% of 61 students who appeared scored above 80% and 13 students scored above 90%.  Lipi Koyu, the school topper credited the hard work of faculty, academic process and trust of her parents for her achievements. Speaking to the press, she expressed her desire to join the prestigious St. Stephen’s College. Headmaster, Mr. Rashid Sharfuddin informed the press that the myth of Boarding Schools not doing well in academics has been shattered. One has to only look around at academic achievements of boarding schools in Dehradun both in CBSE and ICSE boards. At SelaQui, we aim to create a spirit of academic excellence as well as of sports and co-curricular activities. Mr. Sharfuddin credited the good results to not only a very committed and spirited faculty, focused students but also to the rigorous academic process of the School. The School also sends a large number of students to IIT and Medical colleges every year due to a much focused Gurukul programme.  The aim now is to raise the bar and work on good college placements in the coming days informs the Headmaster.


First Inter School Equestrian Meet 2018

The equestrian team of SelaQui International School, among the best CBSE boarding schools in India, is a paragon when it comes to success in horse-riding, which every school in the Doon valley and the country at large tries to emulate.

Our school riders galloped their way to emerge as champions in the First Inter-School Equestrian Meet 2018 that was held in Shri Ram Centennial School, Dehradun on 13th and 14th of May. Six boys and three girls of SelaQui participated in the competition. Eight schools from in and around Dehradun sent their riders to compete in this prestigious event. It was a memorable competition for the riders as well as the audience. It is safe to say, this competition was a total knockout!

Yashvardhan Singh and Eeshan Gupta won 3 golds and one silver each in Dressage, Hack, and Relay. Balharshpreet Singh, Yuvika Jain, Raina Bhatia, Shreshtha Neogi, Sumaer Singh, Aviral Gupta and Priyansh Bajaj also won gold and silver in their respective events. Overall, the school won eleven Gold Medals, fourteen Silver and four Bronze Medals in various disciplines of dressage, open hacks group ‘A’ individual, open dressage group ‘I’ and ‘II’ individual, relay team, and equestrian classes. SelaQui was declared the overall winner and the champions proudly brought the Best School Trophy home.

The riders were all gaga over their riding coach Mr. Jagminder Singh. “Without him, this achievement wouldn’t have been possible!” said Aviral Gupta. (…and we can’t agree more!)

— Raina Bhatia and Shreshtha Neogi

Building Bridges of Hope

The SelaQui International School, one of the best Residential schools in Dehradun, is a beacon of hope in the Selaqui township. The SelaQui community believes in the access of education to those who need it the most and our strong Outreach Program is a testament to our social responsibility and accountability.

The SelaQui campus is one of the most pleasant places one can experience, and it is ever so welcoming to its students – the present and the past. Across the road from the campus, you’ll find the stables, the beautiful horses and a lot of other animals on this farm that the school has. Walk a little more and you can hear a collective laughter, chatter of voices, and kids learning. If you still venture a little farther, you’ll enter a well-lit room with kids sitting and busily filling out their worksheets, laughing, smiling, talking and brimming with undeniable energy;  you’d find Sequins and the master-in-charge helping to keep these boisterous kids engaged and keeping things in order. Welcome to SelaQui’s Outreach program.

An Interview with the master-in-charge, Mr. Ashford Lyonette makes us understand how this program came about in the most wonderful of ways. The program started after our Headmaster Rashid Sharfuddin and Mr. Lyonette visited the slum in Shivnagar, a locality of squatters from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The most common job was rag picking for the children. A gentleman by the name of Mr. Deepak ran a small school for these kids, but over the past few days, the frequency of students coming there to study had been fluctuating. The next step was to take the kids away from the slum, as a lot of them were getting abused there and start teaching them in the Equestrian Classrooms, where the floor was laminated and the book shelves were put up and now the kids are able to study here – this wonderful initiative is called ‘Leap’.

The teaching methodology involves dividing the students into two groups – one who are school goers and the others who are not . The kids who haven’t been to a school are taught the basic alphabets and numbers and those who are enrolled in schools are taught body parts, days of the week, months of the year, how to read time on a clock, basic grammar exercises. They start with worksheets and then proceed to memory building exercises and then on to learning.

Kartikeya Puri a student of Class 12 who is actively involved with the program and is one of the most dedicated volunteers writes “And now, since the fun was over with, we meant business! A body of volunteers for this program crossed the road over to the Equestrian Center, yet again with a bunch of assignment worksheets, and a goody bag full of eatables, to impart knowledge to those who were hungry for it! After a mind racking 45 minutes of teaching and being taught, we call it a day, and distribute snacks among the lot, which usually comprises of a menu of chips, biscuits and cakes (the ones confiscated from our very own!) Outreach, quite frankly, has been quite the experience for any student participating in it. And believe you me, it is in giving that I have received the most, maybe not the confiscated tuck, rather the gratification of being a contributor for a better future for someone, who otherwise may not have been privileged enough to have it.”

The aim of the project is “Health, Hygiene and Education”. The School has started with the “Education” and we plan to work on “Health” over a period of time. The basic idea being to make sure that these kids don’t lose out on life, as a lot of them have to face harsh atrocities, teenage pregnancy, and very many of them are even hauled up for police investigations into different types of crime.

As I finish writing this, I’m reminded of a poem we read in class 12 “An elementary School Classroom in a Slum”, “Run azure on gold sands, and let their tongues Run naked into books, the white and green leaves open, History is theirs whose language is the sun“.

— Kartikeya Puri (Class 12) and Jibran Khan (Old Sequin and Headboy)

Fourth SelaQui Invitational T-20 Cricket Tournament

One of the biggest draws of the School year and arguably the most eagerly awaited sporting event in the calendar , SelaQui Invitational T-20 Cricket Tournament took off on 2nd May, 2018. The event now in its fourth iteration highlights the qualities of leadership and camaraderie which are the hallmarks of a SeQuin education at SelaQui International School, one of the best CBSE boarding schools in India. The tournament generated great deal of fanfare and witnessed enthusiastic participation from a host of schools from the Doon valley and beyond.

A total of eight teams took part in the event and were divided into two pools. Over the course of the next few days, the Qui Oval witnessed a plethora of  matches showcasing exquisite stroke-play as well as magnificent bowling by some of the most talented young cricketers around. The home team itself put up a laudable show and scaled new heights when it made its first semi-final appearance since the tournament’s inception. Spirited performances by skipper Rishabh Gupta and Lavesh Tanwar as well as a fine bowling display by Tushar Sharma and Aman Agarwal ensured the team offered a challenging prospect and stake its claim to be among the contenders.

The weather gods also wanted to be at the biggest sporting extravaganza in the valley, and they did so with a bang. Gale force winds lashed the entirety of our campus and stalled proceedings and this resulted in one of the home team’s matches starting at 6 in the morning. The SeQuins were rightly sleep deprived and vented all their anger at the opposition to overcome Indian High School, Dubai with relative ease in a 10-over match.

The highlights of the tournament were undoubtedly the two thunderous centuries by Anmol Sharma of Modern School, Barakhamba, who delivered in the penultimate stage of the tournament, when it was most needed by his team. A consequence of these superlative performances was that Modern School was able to outclass every other participating team.

The semi-final appearance of the home team provided some much needed exposure for our team which will undoubtedly aid them in bringing home many accolades in the days and months to come.

The culmination of the days of blood, sweat and toil put in by everyone involved in organizing the tournament are summarized as follows:

Best Batsman: Anmol Sharma (328 runs )

Best Bowler: Aryan Sharma (12 wickets)

Best Wicketkeeper: Jyoti Pandey

Best Fielder: Mohammad Wasim

Player of the Tournament: Anmol Sharma (double century)

Tournament Winners: Modern School, Barakhamba

— Shaurya Veer Singh



Career Fair at SelaQui

The Career Fair organized at SelaQui International School in Dehradun, one of the best CBSE boarding school in Indiaon April 20, 2018 saw great fervor among the students. Only a few among the top 10 boarding schools in India, SelaQui takes great initiative and pride in training students of classes 10, 11 and 12 (the SeQuins) and offer them the opportunities available in the different avenues of college education that would make them ready for their future enterprise.

The students interacted in an engaging session with representatives of more than 15 colleges and universities from the USA, among which were the big campuses of Arizona State University and Indiana University. The representatives of these universities gave the SeQuins a brief introduction to their institution following which the students went to the desks of those institutions that interested them and clarified their queries about admission procedures, eligibility criteria and scholarships.

The students were given brochures with complete information and contact details. Interestingly most universities offered 200+ research programs which fortunately, give the students a lot of options to choose from. Such fairs open up the students’ horizon to a plethora of opportunities out there and help us make informed choices. Kudos to our SelaQui!

— Saalik Rather

Third SelaQui Invitational Tennis Tournament

The balmy morning of 21st April saw a bunch of ‘Qui lads warming up alongside scores of other tennis players. Further inquisition (provided you were enterprising enough to do it) would reveal it was all in preparation for our 3rd Invitational Tennis Tournament for boys (and girls!). With participation from 12 schools in total, we looked set for a profoundly enjoyable two days.

Proceedings got underway with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Headmaster and the Bursar. The first round of matches saw our biggest title hope, and defending champion, Kabir Kapur square up against an 8th grader in a (obviously) lopsided contest with the home favorite coasting through without breaking a sweat .

Zealous participation from all competitors ensured the audience had a cracker of a time over the course of the tournament. Spirited performances from the SelaQui contingent enthused everyone as our athletes toiled under the scorching sun to emerge on top. The efforts of our boys were far from prosaic and were exemplary in every way as Kartikeya Puri and Tushar Arya in the doubles category put up a good fight but crashed out against Pathways School and MNSS Rai as did Ansh Agarwal and Kshitij Kaushik after a laudable effort against DPS Khanna. Kabir Kapur and Dhruv Banerjee, showcasing magnificent grit and determination, eventually bowed out after ending up on the wrong side of some edge-of-the-seat thrillers.

After two days of enthralling tennis, the results were as follows:

Boys’ Singles- Mankirat Singh [Rising Star Academy]

Girls’ Singles – Balishta [MNSS Rai]

Runner Up – Jiya Khaturiya

Boys’ Doubles- MNSS Rai

Runner Up – Rising Star Academy

Girls’ Doubles- Pathways School

Runner Up – MNSS Rai

Tournaments such as ours (and the rewards they give) incentivize players and consequently foster tennis talent, and in doing so they provide an invaluable service to the beautiful game that tennis is.

It sure looks like SelaQui has set the tone for an engrossing tennis season ahead.

— Shaurya Veer Singh