Purpose of Boarding Schools – Things you Need to Know

Boarding schools are often maligned for being overly strict and disciplined, where children have a bad time in adjusting. Most boarding schools are painted as dark and dreary places where the emotional needs of children are not looked after. The reality is very different if you have admitted your child to a good and reputed boarding school. The schools are modern and beautifully structured with large open spaces and verdant fields.

The teachers are of the best training backgrounds and are equipped to handle the academic, physical and emotional needs of the child. The child learns to mix into the culture of being a part of the multi ethnic community with ease. This is a very important skill to learn for the future. The residential nature of the school helps the child learn faster and more intensively.

Are boarding school outcomes better than day schools?

Studies show that boarding school students have a success rate that is significantly higher than day school students. The outcomes are markedly better in adult life too. Boarding school students are often more likely to go for higher education degrees. They achieve career advancement at a higher rate.

  • The side effect of living in a diverse community that is close knit is harmony, tolerance and robust friendships. These reasons create a deep understanding in the child about how to adjust in large groups, ethnic and cultural diversity and thrive in the environment too. This bodes well for professional commitments which can mean working in different environments.
  • The boarding school offers a better and more intense academic experience. Teachers are more hands on as they teach smaller batches than in day school. As the prep and study hour involves the teachers, the student gets more time to interact and resolve queries. The intense learning experience is what you can look forward to as teachers are also in residence on the campus and the student-teacher rapport is robust.
  • The faculty looks to create learning moments through doing things in the classroom, dorm or even on the sports grounds. The teachers expect more from students and most residential schools have programmes that prepare the child for future careers in various fields. Schools can have a variety of experiential courses that can help the child discover a niche or new interest.
  • Peer pressure can be good in a boarding school. The company of friends can breed healthy competition. You want to be smart and cool and that means you need to be on top of your game. Teachers and Dorm mates can influence traits that help you develop motivation and a strong success-oriented attitude.
  • If your child is oriented towards athletics and sports, a boarding school is one of the best options. The large campuses and great infrastructure help your child get the best in class coaching facilities. The facilities provided by reputed residential schools are generally quite extensive and may include multiple sports. The more common running, athletics, cricket, football are well complimented by horse riding, golf and other elite sports that may not be available in day schools.
  • College becomes easier for boarding school children who are well-equipped to be independent, have time management skills, are high in social IQ, and can adjust to any situation.

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Boarding schools are the place where your child learns to be self-sufficient and empowered to fend for herself. She learns to take her own decisions and is independent. Students who need to fend for themselves are generally confident, mature and self-assured. They get groomed for college admissions and college life. Most good boarding schools offer their students a choice in curriculum. They can choose from many options after matriculation and go on to prepare for their chosen career.

The most important factor that boarders agree to is that they develop a bond with their Alma mater for a lifetime. They form a strong nexus of present and past students who become their friends and sometimes like family for life. Shared experiences and lives create a fabric that sees them through all life long. They find friends from different backgrounds and learn the value of accepting and relating to people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. These children often are much better balanced than children who have conventional day school backgrounds.

There are many myriad things that contribute to a holistic education and a good residential school ranks high on the list. Parents should definitely look at finding a best cbse residential schools in dehradun, preparing them mentally to stay away from home and being independent. It is a shortcut to wholesome education, good and disciplined lifestyle and a robust all round development of your child.

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