Reports Say Close to 55% New Entrants to IIM-Kozhikode are Women

Indian women have rocked every sphere of life and same goes for field of education and teaching where they are doing better than men. The notion becomes evident with the fact that recent induction of students in IIM-Kozhikode reveals a greater percentage of female candidates compared to male. Continuing with its impressive track record on bridging the gender divide, IIM-Kozhikode has inducted 54.29% women students for its postgraduate program for the 2013-15 batches.


According to recent news from various sources the recent inducted batch of the institute consists of 361 students include 165 men and 196 women. The batch comprises of 84.21% of students with bachelor’s degree in engineering and technology, 11% from commerce and economics stream and 4% from medicine, pharmacy, science and agriculture background.

Induction of women in IIM-Kozhikode has been on the rise for the past few years. In 2010, 100 women students were taken in a batch of 371 which rose to 121 women in 2011 of a batch of 341. There has been a steady rise of this number from 31.5% in 2010 to 35.48% in 2011. In 2012, it fell to 27.52% as only 98 out of 356 students were women.

The new batch that has just got the admission consists of students with 0-24 months’ work experience. The batch consists of students from all corners of the country – Southern India (27%), Western India (26%), Northern India (19%), Eastern India (12%), Union Territories including Delhi (11%) and Central India (5%). IIM-Kozhikode said it did not alter its admission procedure to accommodate higher number of women students, but factored in the consistent academic performance. IIMK was also among the first to slash its tuition fee by Rs. 30,000 for its post graduate program making the two year fee Rs 9.7 lakh, lowest of all IIMs.

IIMK director Debashis Chatterjee said, “We at IIM-Kozhikode aspire to create a unique academic space that will challenge convention. This year we have not only led in ensuring gender diversity but have also admitted national talent from the field of sports, music, martial arts and the social sector. Our goal is to churn out not just a competent manager but a well-rounded and a compassionate human being. In this endeavor, the current batch of students will be our assets.

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