RTE admission rises in Indore, 12,500 students admitted under RTE in third round

Admission rate under the Right to Education (RTE) has improved in the schools of Indore district after the completion of third round, said official sources here. At the end of the third round, admission to nearly 12,500 seats has been given in Indore district.

According to official figures, admission doubled at the end of second round. RTE in-charge AK Bendwal informed that as many as 12,479 seats have been filled by the end of third round and the figure stood at 5,989 at the end of second round. Bendwal said that the total number of seats also increased to about 21,900 and an overall surge was observed.

Around 1,875 schools were covered in rural and urban schools of Indore under the RTE. In the third round, about 6,200 applications were received. However, more than 9,365 seats are still lying vacant. Sources said that by the end of the second round, 31.7% admission was registered.
Notably, senior officials of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and education department had held a review meeting in the last week of June. District education officer (DEO) Sanjay Goyal said that better admission rate in the second round was the result of their review meetings.

He said, “We held many review meetings with officials concerned and delved into the matter. We also held meetings with school principals and even issued notices to a few of them, who were not showing interest in admitting children.” tnn

Goyal further said that the issue of outstanding reimbursement dues to private schools was also taken up during the meetings and schools have been briefed about the online procedure to apply for reimbursement. He adds, “We will try to fill vacant seats as well and it is in our prime agenda.”

The fourth round of admission is also expected but no official date has been announced in this regard. According to official data, admission to 18,219 seats was given against total 38,227 seats in Indore division comprising eight districts by the end of the second round of admission under RTE.

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