SelaQui Junior Mastermind 2017-18

The final round of SelaQui Junior Mastermind was held on February 10, 2018. The first round was held prior to vacations in which students from classes 6 to 8 participated but only 10 made it to the finals.

In the finals, there were two rounds. While the first round was the General round, the second was the Specific Round. All the students seemed very excited and nervous at the starting of the quiz but seemed more at ease by the second round. The students had chosen from a variety of topics and each round had 10 questions.

The winner of the Junior Mastermind after the gruelling final rounds was Shourya Mittal and the runners-up were Smaksh Mahajan and Kushagra Agrawal respectively. The audience were asked some questions too and the right answers were rewarded with a chocolate. Quizzes like these encourage learning and emphasize the need for general awareness.

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