‘SFIs Not Refunding Fees to Exiting Students’

The Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) has received more than 500 complaints alleging malpractice by self-financed colleges in admissions. These complaints were received from seven architecture, 32 engineering colleges and one other college.

“Of the 500 complaints, the maximum – 56 – are against Changa College. We have asked these colleges to settle all the 500 complaints by August 31 or face action which would include heavy fines,” said M N Patel, member-secretary, ACPC. He further said that there is also provision for penal action against the erring colleges.

According to sources, a meeting of the chairman and principals of these colleges was held at ACPC office at LD Engineering. Officials said that these colleges had either refused to refund fees or declined to return original mark-sheets after candidates who had secured admission in government colleges.

The problem began after the fourth round of admissions in which students were granted admission to higher branches of engineering in government colleges. Earlier, the ACPC was given permission to hold a special round to fill seats which had fallen vacant after the third round.

After three rounds of admissions, most students had submitted their original documents and paid fees in full to the self-financed colleges. However, when a large number of students asked for refunds after they were granted admission in government colleges in the fourth round, the self-financed colleges made an attempt to retain these students by withholding refund of fees or documents. The rules stipulate that self-financed colleges have to return fees and documents.

In another development, the ACPC has once again asked Dharmsinh Desai University (DDU) to admit all the 81 students in post-graduate engineering. These students were earlier denied admission by the university. DDU had refused to admit students in its grant-in-aid postgraduate engineering college. The university said that it had written to the state government to cancel its grant-in-aid status and grant it the self-financed status. The government has not taken a decision yet. The DDU has also moved court but the court has not given any stay in the matter.

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