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Points to be considered before choosing the best boarding school for girls in India

girls boarding schools in India

The most difficult and important phase of a child’s life is to acquire the best primary education. This phase is sorted only when their parents find an amazing school for their kids. An amazing school doesn’t mean just good in academics but also in the all-round development of the students. This is only possible with a school which allows the student to spend their maximum time in studying and doing other important activities. Such types of schools are called boarding school. A boarding school is a place where students and teachers stay together and spent maximum time in studying and grooming themselves to achieve an all-round development. These schools are far better than day schools and other normal schools because of the environment it provides to the students.

Why a boarding school is important
The concept of boarding school is becoming highly popular among the parents because of the uniquely designed curriculum and their attention to other important activities for their students. In a day school, a student has a limited amount of time to study and clear their doubts but in a boarding school, students get to read more, learn more and clear their doubts at any point of time as they are covered with highly professional and qualified teachers and staff members round the clock. Along with academics, a boarding school prepare and develop the students in other important aspects like language and personality grooming, fitness, sports, plays, music, and other activities. The students get the maximum amount of time doing these because a boarding school doesn’t allow mobile phones and other electronic gadgets which could distract them. Limited amount of guests are allowed to visit here and that too for a limited amount of time.

As choosing the best boarding school is important and difficult, there are some points that need to be considered before choosing the best boarding school for girls in India. These points are mentioned below.

• For girls, safety and security are the main concern for their parents. So, they must look for a boarding school that has very tight security in and around the campus.
• A boarding school with proper hygiene should be selected because until the health and diet is proper, nobody could concentrate or focus on their work.
• Girls always need someone like a mother to understand their problems at any point in time. So, a boarding school must have well behaved female staff who could help them and take proper care of them.
• A boarding school with proper medical facility should be selected so that the parents who are sending their kids to study want them to stay fine and far from any illness.

There is one boarding school in Dehradun called Selaqui International School which is ranked as the best boarding school in Dehradun. It provided all the facilities stated above to the students along with quality academics. It has all the facilities inside the campus like a basketball court, playground, medical center, library, auditorium, etc. This boarding school helps the student in all-round development and makes themselves fight and win in any situation in life. Visit the website to know more about the school and the admission process.

Points to consider before choosing best boarding schools in India

best boarding schools in India

It seems that no matter how much you prepare or do research for best boarding schools in India, it is not enough. There are always some doubts in parents’ mind about choosing a desired school for their ward. It is the most important decision as a parent to find the right school for your child. While considering a school, parents must ensure that the school not only places emphasis on academics, but also places particular emphasis on students’ overall growth and development.

In order to choose the right boarding school, parents must consider some basic elements. The school should not only provide quality education butit should also focus on improving student’s personality, inculcating discipline to create the independent and mature citizens of tomorrow who can effectively contribute to society. A good boarding school will encourage students to think and share their concerns and observations and help them actively participate in extra-curricular activities.

When it comes to choosing the best boarding schools in India, the list is huge. However, you can consider the following points before selecting a boarding school for your child:

1. Curriculum: The curriculum of the school plays an important role in your child’s development. Knowing which board the school is affiliated with and whether it offers a well – rounded education system for the holistic growth of students is always important.

2. Faculty: The school faculty is very important in finding the right boarding school for the child. You can research and find out the details about faculty. It is very crucial that the school should have quality faculty as faculties often live inside the campus and act as mentors for the students. Good faculties have a massive impact on the quality of a student’s education. So, cross-checking the faculty’s education and experience is important.

3. Extra-curricular activities: In order to grow and develop as a child it is very important that extra-curricular activities such as music, dance, sports, photography, creative arts etc. becomes a major part of school activities. A good boarding school provides such dedicated facilities at all times and encourages a student to be involved.

4. Mission of the school: The mission of the school can help you decide if what the school offers lines up with your educational goals. A school’s mission must be academically focused and high on ethos and philosophy. Plan a meeting with the school principal and teachers to understand what they could offer for overall growth and development of your child.

5. Infrastructure: Consider the school’s size at all times. Find out what kind of facilities are available on campus and do they organize activities to expose children to the surrounding environment? What kinds of dormitories are there, how far the medical center or other emergency services are located and so on. Pay a visit to the campus to get a better understanding of the infrastructure.

It is most important that a child develops interest to the foreign living environment. Therefore, as a parent you must always discuss the new experiences that a child is going to experience in a boarding school. You should encourage your child in building his expectations and tell him that you are always there for him. Involve your child in the whole process and consider his interests, likes and dislikes.A child blends in an atmosphere more effortlessly when he get to do activities that interest him.

Points to consider before choosing best boarding schools in India

No amount of preparation or research can be sufficient when it comes to choosing a boarding school for your child. The primary question in any parent’s mind is not about choosing a school but about choosing the desired upbringing for the child. Selecting a boarding school is all the more difficult because a parent will be leaving a child behind to be looked after by someone else on a daily basis. They want to ensure that the child learns positive assessment, reasoning, sense of judgement, social affluence, etc. Parents want to ensure that the child is able to seek and develop their interests and hobbies like sports, singing, dancing, sketching, and more.

The most important aspect of sending a child to a foreign living environment is developing their interest in it. Parents must always talk with the child about the new experiences that they shall have. Help them build expectations and tell them that you are always around for them. Involve them in the process and take their interests into considerations. Children usually blend in more effortlessly when they get to do activities that interest them.

Some of the important points to consider when searching for a boarding school of your child are:
1. Identify the schools that are in the region and search through their webpages. Write down names and narrow down your list on the basis of school background like, is it co-educational, boys, girls, military, etc. Learn about what they have to offer and how much do they cost. Note the names that suit your expectations. You can search through internet for the school ratings and comments from present or pas students or parents for getting an overview about the school environment.

2. Visit the school to get a better understanding of the school atmosphere. Check if the school offers activities that interest your child. Discuss with your child and tell them about the options you like. Learn about the security features of the school and how do they handle emergency situations.

3. Finalize more than one school and understand what do the schools expect from their students. Apply to the schools at the earliest because most schools open admissions on availability in each class and conduct admissions through lengthy process. Prepare the child for the entrance process.

4. Entrance test is a general norm in schools across India. While some schools may take admission on the past academic performance of the child, others conduct standardized admission test that may include simple questions from previous classes, essays and general aptitude. Schools tend to interview the child before admitting, them so encourage the child to speak freely in front of the interviewer.

5. Pay the admission fees and complete the formalities as soon as possible. Schools wait for only a limited time before handing over the seat to another candidate. Most of the schools offer various scholarships and parents can apply for them during the application process.