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Facilities to look up in top co-ed boarding schools in India

co-ed boarding schools in India

It can be a tough decision to send your child to a boarding school. But undoubtedly boarding schools have a profound impact on a child’s career and life over the long term. By studying in a boarding school, children essentially learn to be disciplined and focused in their life. They learn to take responsibility and they can focus on academics away from the home environment. A boarding school places stress on the child’s all-round development. He is taught to be a good team player and be prepared to face life’s challenges. Boarding school students becomes self-reliant early in life and they come out as better individuals who are able to adapt to all kinds of situations.

As a parent you will obviously want the best possible environment and resources to be provided to your child in a boarding school. If you are considering sending your child to a co-ed boarding school, you must be aware of the facilities that the school provides for the all-round development of your child.

Read on to find out some of the must-have facilities in top co-ed boarding schools in India:
1. The school must provide modern boarding facilities to every child to be able to develop to their fullest. Wide range of facilities such as a place for group study, a computer learning classroom, recreational reading facilities among students with a variety of popular books, magazines and newspapers etc should be available to the students.

2. A co-ed boarding school must have smart classes equipped with the latest teaching technology to enhance the level of knowledge and facilitate the syllabi. Smart classrooms include features such as demonstration of audio/video or support for teaching staff during classes. Intelligent classrooms offer a seamless integration of technology with the academic curriculum resulting in improved understanding.

3. A co-ed boarding school should also have a learning support service to provide students necessary aid to meet the requirements of curriculum and evaluation. Individual support should also be provided in terms of both boarding and accommodation facilities.

4. The school should have co-curricular activities for overall development of the child. Indoor activities such as art, painting, dancing; outdoor activities such as rock climbing, horse riding and exercises such as yoga, meditation, taekwondo, karate practice and student training sessions should form a part of the curriculum.

5. In a top co-ed boarding school, sports education facilities and extensive physical education programs are provided by the school. Students should take part in various sport games such as badminton, volleyball, basketball and cricket for enhancement of overall well-being of students.

6. A mini auditorium should also be available to facilitate inter- house literary activities and indoor competitions held in school.

In a co-ed boarding school both boys and girls study simultaneously. The benefits of studying in a co-ed boarding school are manifold as it creates a sense of belonging, command and sense of responsibility among both sexes. Learning together in the same environment increases the sense of competition among students.Togetherness gives boys and girls a sense of mutual understanding and respect for one another. Without hesitation, they can interact freely with each other and discuss daily issues.

A wide range of fine academic and extra-curricular facilities found in top co-ed boarding schools facilitate the school to provide the very best to its students.

Facilities to look into top co-ed boarding schools in India

It is never easy to choose a new school for your child especially when it comes to finalizing a boarding school. Today, boarding schools are considered to be a very desirable form of education among the Indian populace. Parents consider it to be part of the maturing process of a child and encourage them to fully exploit the benefits laid out by the residential schools. The kind of education and living environment presented by the residential schools have the ability to make or break a student’s future, hence parents tend to be extra cautious about choosing a school for their kid. There is a plethora of top co-ed boarding schools in India to select from, and so many aspects to look into.

In modern times when the two sexes work together in every sector, parents prefer co-ed education system over traditional system of separate schools for boys and girls. Going to a co-educational school cultivates self-confidence in a child and helps them understand how to behave and act around the other gender. At a boarding school, students learn to be independent and take their own decisions.

Some of the basic facilities to look for when choosing a boarding school in India are:
Safety and Security: Safety of the child is the most important point for any parent. While boarding schools are known to inculcate self-dependence, they are also infamous for severe punishments, raging, etc. A parent must always check how a school handles these notorious aspects. Many schools offer CCTV campuses and a trained team of personnel to look after the welfare of students.

The Pastoral System: Every school has a different pastoral system that revolves around houses or blocks. Before enrolling a student, every parent should take note of the people responsible for the well being of the child in school and who is the first port of call. House Masters or House Parents, Tutors, Ayas, etc. form a necessary part of this system.

Academic Facilities: Like any other school, the most important aspect of a school life is the academics. Search into what board of education is the school affiliated to, the type of library, labs, and what type of teachers do the school employ. The school’s approach towards learning reflects its distinctiveness. A good school endeavors towards an engaging and enduring experience for students. They take special care to ensure that every student has progress and no one is left behind. Several boarding schools provide special assistance to students planning to join Engineering College, Medical colleges, etc.

Co-academic Facilities: Co-curricular activities such as sports, clubs, yoga, singing, dancing, etc. not only provide students with a welcome break from their studies but also let them explore their other skills. Every child loves to have hobbies and schools that take interest in their co-academic lives offer a much more interesting and enjoyable life to them.