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How to choose the best CBSE Residential Schools in Dehradun

best boarding schools in India

Doesn’t matter how much prepared you are or how much research you have done when it comes to choosing the best boarding school for your children, making a decision is quite tough. The main question that comes up in a parent’s mind is not about which school to choose but about the desired upbringing. Selecting a boarding school is one of the most difficult decisions for the parents, as they have to leave their piece of heart far. They want to ensure that the child stays with those who help him to learn positivity, reasoning, independence, socializing and so on. Parents also want to ensure that their kids learn different kinds of skills such as painting, singing, dancing, sketching or playing some kind of sports.

The most important motto to send a child to a different atmosphere is to develop his or her interest in different things. A professional approach in the upbringing of the child can make him or her stronger in the future so that it becomes easier to tackle difficult situations. Before sending the child to any new place, it is quite important for the parents to talk with their child about the new experience that they will come across. Ensure that the children are enjoying the conversation. It is easier for children to stay in such places where they can indulge in some activities that interest them. So, while you search for the best CBSE Residential Schools in Dehradun for your child, you should keep a few points in mind.

1) Gather information about the schools: Before you get your children enrolled in any school, gather as much information as possible to make things easier for you and your child. Look for information such as where the school is located, if the school is co-education or single-gender school, or military school and so on. Learn about what they have to offer.

2) Visiting the school: It is always important to visit the school when you have finalized it. It helps in gathering a better understanding of the school and the atmosphere. Check if the school offers different activities which interest your child. You can discuss the several options available with your child. In addition to it, you must also look for security in the school to ensure your child’s safety.

3) Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the school matters a lot. It is important for the parents to ensure that the school has each and every kind of facilities required by the child. A good library, place to play sports, theatre room, good lodging facility, tasty and healthy food, etc. is important for the child to stay far from the parents.

4) Admission Fees: An Admission fee is another point which you should keep in mind before you chose CBSE Residential Schools in Dehradun. Yes, as the admission fees of a school differ from each other, it is important to keep the point in mind while choosing a school.

5) Medical facilities: Medical facilities are another important point, which you should consider while choosing a school. What the teachers do in case of emergencies should be assessed.

How to Find Top Residential Schools in India

As a parent, you would want to make the best possible choice for your child. Choosing the best school for your children is one of the most definite choices you can make. However, the young parents can feel a bit clueless when it comes to deciding on the best one need to go through a lot of questions. After all, this one and only decision can determine the future of the child. So, here are some tips on how to find the top residential schools in India for your child.

Pay attention to the factors that are important
There are many factors that are non-negotiable and there are certain features that a school you choose must possess. These include that the school maintains adequate safety and security of your child. Moreover, the standard of health and hygiene should be measured to provide the kids with the best facilities ever. You can simply ask the teacher or the students about the classroom environment, the teacher-student relationship, the interaction between values, principles and much more to make a well-informed decision based on these honest opinions.

Know more about the faculty
A school may have all the modern facilities for its students but it is more important to have the right teachers. It is always very useful for the child to have great faculty members. Besides the academic qualifications, a teacher needs to work towards the child’s emotional and psychological well-being. You can simply talk to the Principal prior to the admission and find out all about the teacher-student relationship. Moreover, you need to ask about the abuse or violence against the students to make sure your child is safe in the new environment.

Consider distance from the home
Ideally, you should not put your child in a very far place from your home. It is mainly to save time and cost involved in traveling to a distant location. Moreover, if the school is too far away then you might not like to travel a lot to meet your child and it can create a distance between the parents and the children. While seeking a school in the neighborhood, it is important to look for a school which has classes till standard 12. So that it is not a bigger challenge in future to get your child admitted to senior classes.

Choose the right curriculum
These days, there is a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the curriculum for your child. However, the choice is based on some of the key factors and the most important of all is that you need to pick the curriculum according to your job. You need to ensure that you choose the top residential schools in India as if you are going to move from one location to another,so it is important to choose between ICSE board, CBSE board or the state board so that the child doesn’t face trouble in the later years. For a smoother transition, ensure that your child is prepared for all the changes.