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The Benefits of Boarding Schools over Day Schools

The Benefits of Boarding Schools over Day Schools

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED January 5, 2014, UPDATED January 18, 2024

Competition is at fierce and hence it is important for individual and people to start preparing for their goals as early as possible. The saying is applicable for every sphere of life irrespective of which field you are in and same is the case with education and career. It has become very important for people to formulate a comprehensive and broad strategy so that they stay ahead in the race. Keeping this in mind a few years back SelaQui International School was conceived and thought. With the passage of almost 10 years the school has emerged as one of the best boarding schools in India.

There are many boarding schools in India that offer residential programs to students however SelaQui International School outperform all of them as it has adopted and formulated a course curriculum that is prepared by educational specialist and scientists. There are certain points that could be considered why this boarding school has emerged as one of most preferred destinations for parents and students. With this article our main aim is to highlight those facts that make boarding school a better choice than other contemporary programs:

Education with True Human Values: Education without human ethics is something that could be considered as one of the greatest curse as it may make human blind. At SelaQui International school our main aim is to impart quality education to students without distorting them from the path of humanity. At the end of the course we prepare human beings who are self-sufficient and sagacious. Not only are they equipped with the capacity of reasoning abut at the same time they could return the society in lieu of the resources that the society has given to them.

Teacher Guidance

Boarding schools have limited number of children in each class room as opposed to day schools. This enables teachers to be able to concentrate on each individual student and any student who is lagging behind can be given the appropriate guidance. Moreover, students can also interact with the teachers and approaching them is easy as they are available on campus throughout the day.


The foremost function that is performed by a boarding school is providing discipline and a sense of punctuality. Generally, children who are naughty and disobedient are sent to boarding schools to change their attitude and instill a sense of discipline. Boarding schools function on strict timetables and children are required to be punctual for all classes including academic and extracurricular ones.

Sports and Extracurricular

Most boarding schools have excellent infrastructure for sports and all students are encouraged to take part in at least one outdoor sport. This serves to provide confidence among children and also to help them be physical fit. Students who take part in inter school tournaments can interact with students from other schools and this fosters a sense of friendship.

Apart from sports students are also required to take part in extracurricular activities that are designed to build team spirit and help in intellectual development. This is an important aspect of a boarding school and many day schools neglect this aspect of education.

Family Problems

Boarding schools are ideal for families that are separate or if parents are constantly traveling. Many parents today are continually on the move from one place to another and they have no time for their children. In such a scenario boarding schools are the best option for children.

Fewer Distractions

Boarding schools offer fewer distractions to the children as they are kept well away from the life of the urban areas. Boarding schools are generally situated outside the city or in a remote place and students do not have the opportunity to involve themselves in any harmful activities or habits. Due to fewer distractions children will be able to concentrate more on studies and other activities.

Summer Programs

Boarding schools offer summer programs for students and some of these are open to students from other schools as well. Students are allowed to interact with others. Summer programs include rigorous physical training programs and others such as fine arts and computer skills.

All we can say that if you are concerned about career of your child there could be nothing more worthy than Boarding School. This is something that every parent should consider off in case they want a true preparatory course for their children.

Reasons Why Boarding School Is Better Than Day School?

Boarding schools are not just a way to get a formal education; they are about attaining a way of life that will let your kid have a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. Besides that, there are several other reasons that make boarding schools better options than day schools. 

Attain a sense of responsibility

When you choose a boarding school for your kid, they learn to live without parental guidance all around the corner. This makes them gain the idea of responsibility that helps them work on themselves to be independent. From studying to engaging in essential activities with their fellow students, the environment makes them self-sufficient and helps them gain maturity faster. 

Students can focus better on their studies 

The boarding schools, like SelaQui International, have spacious classrooms and large campuses. Plus, they have a lower student-to-teacher ratio. Such an environment is ideal for exploration that seeds various ideas in the young minds, enabling them to explore. With a lower student-teacher ratio, the students get the valuable scope to interact with their teachers and have a better bonding, ensuring increased focus on different areas of study. 

Holistic development

Students enrolled in boarding schools get far more opportunities to be engaged in diverse events and activities than in day school. Thus, they get a comprehensive education to shape their personalities. Plus, they are introduced to unique areas of study and skills that can help them choose attractive career trajectories later in their lives.  

Boarding School vs Day School

When comparing boarding schools with day schools, you should consider the aspects tabulated below. 


Boarding School

Day School

Living Arrangement

Boarding setups require students to live on the campus 24/7. It promotes a close-knit community. 

Students get to live with their parents after school hours, maintaining family bonds.


In residential schools, students need to follow a strict daily schedule that highlights responsibility and discipline. 

Students can follow a more flexible routine when they are enrolled in a day school. 


When in a boarding school, they are constantly under the supervision of wardens and other authorities.

Day schools have limited supervision for students during school hours.


Students can be a part of diverse co-curricular activities during and after school hours. 

It may involve various co-scholastic activities during school hours but does not encourage many after-school events. 


In boarding schools, students need to engage in completing their own chores, thus learning to manage time and things faster.

Children attending day school usually are more dependent on family support to complete their regular chores. 


The boarding school students attain a high level of discipline. 

Learning ways to have a disciplined life depended on both school and home environment.

Associated Cost

The costs associated with boarding schools are higher than day schools as they include expenses related to accommodations, food, and other facilities. 

Lower associated expenses as it excludes accommodation and meal charges. 


Selecting between boarding and day schools is a crucial decision for parents to make. Even though it is a personal preference, one should scrutinise the experience the child will have in both types of schools. While day schools bring the children closer to their parents and foster a sense of family bond, boarding schools are more about forming a strong community by bonding with fellow mates during and after school hours. Even though the costs associated with boarding schools are high, including food and accommodation, it is a great medium to learn how to manage things and attain maturity. It prepares students for the challenges in adulthood and has enduring friendships that last lifelong. 

All in all, boarding schools win more brownie points for a comprehensive experience. From constant supervision and supportive learning to maintaining a structured routine and gaining a sense of discipline, boarding school precisely shapes a child’s personality to live a fulfilling life in the future. Ultimately, the decision is on the parents and should be according to the individual values and lifestyles they prefer for themselves and their children. They should speculate on the aspects that matter the most to them and decide on a school. 


Is boarding school better than day school?

When checking various aspects of education, boarding schools are better in many areas than day schools. Your child will be under the guidance and supervision of expert staff all through the day. Besides, they learn to manage themselves faster in such an environment, unlike attending day school. 

How is boarding school different from day school?

As the name suggests, boarding schools require students to stay within the campus and under the governance of the school authority 24/7, unlike a day school where students can disperse to their homes after school hours. The students learn to live an independent life in a residential school and gain a sense of community while living with other students belonging to diverse ethnicities and cultures.  

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