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The Best Boarding School in India With A Modern Approach Towards Learning

The Best Boarding School in India With A Modern Approach Towards Learning

BY ADMIN PUBLISHED April 14, 2022, UPDATED April 14, 2022

Situated around 20km from Dehradun, SelaQui International School is an international CBSE residential school situated in Uttarakhand. We have opened our doors for both boys and girls from Class V onwards, irrespective of caste, religion and ethnicity. It was founded in the year 2000, and helps in nurturing every little kid for comprehensive development and views versatility, excellence and leadership as the core values.

The ex-Indian administrative service officer, Mr Om Pathak, is a leading educationist and has helped to shape our school’s vision for imparting promising education. So, it is not that hard to state that SelaQui International School is one best boarding school in India, with the potential to shape every kid’s life. We have some of the best sporting facilities all over Dehradun as well, thanks to its Arjuna programmes at SelaQui International School.

Co-ed boarding school:

Our international school, SelaQui International School is noted to be a leading co-ed boarding centre that specialises in competitive excellence in sports and high-quality academics.

  • The curriculum of our school believes in working hard in order to create outstanding humans along with their holistic development.
  • Our primary goal is to build a dynamic and robust community of students, staff and faculty to help promote scientific temperaments, experimentation, inquisitive evaluation and innovation in the chosen approach.
  • SelaQui International School has already been ranked as one of the best CBSE boarding schools all over Dehradun. It is open to kids of both genders, no matter what their backgrounds are.
  • This is one of the best ever CBSE residential schools in Dehradun, producing the best results in the co-ed boarding school sector.
  • We cordially invite our students to involve in the decision making of the school’s education, which makes this boarding school completely different from anyone you have seen.
  • Our institution always believes in nurturing the student community, which is all committed to creating a stronger nation with every passing day.

The ultimate vision to follow:

The main goal of our educational centre is to provide opportunities for every individual who is here to excel in his or her chosen field. It can be anything from academics to performing arts or even sports.

  • Our boarding school is all set to create a vibrant and robust community of faculty, students and staff across multiple religions, regions, languages and ethnicities.
  • This education institute helps in fostering, acknowledging and rewarding justice, truth, equity, wisdom, discipline, benevolence, spirituality, compassion, morality and more.
  • After enrolling your little kid with us, he or she gets to broaden up the surroundings and gets to connect with the wider community around here.
  • We are also known for promoting inquisition, scientific temper, innovation and experimentation.
  • We have designed multiple other programs to help promote music, art and theatre. It clearly proves that our educational centre is here for the overall development of a child and helps in setting up the career aspect of the little one.
  • The students now get the chance to be connected with the best in the higher learning department across geographies and disciplines.

As ours is an international school, so students will get the chance to prepare for their careers according to the global taste. So, even if they want to go for higher studies abroad, it won’t be difficult for them to get admission.

Perfect approach towards learning:

Noted as one of the top residential schools in India, we are following the traditional learning methods in SelaQui International School to help students gain knowledge. The main goal is to address the latest learning modules and provide the same. So, reflection and self-regulation form major parts of the learning process.

For the overall development of your little ones, be sure to enrol them in SelaQui International School right away! The seats are surely limited!

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